I'm gonna die

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  • Caedes

    I've got a Honda CBR600fx, I always preferred the fact that honda fit a throttle on the right handlebar, not so keen on the volume control you get in its place on 'hardly movingsons' and the like.

    I've had mine for five years now and and I could do with a new one, I quite fancy the new fireblade. hmmm

  • whyamihere
    For years, my folks wouldn't let me ride.

    You listen you your parents?

    Have fun honey, just don't do anything too stupid.


  • daystar

    If you don't mind, how much did you end up spending on this, before mods?

  • Jourles
    I'd disfellowship yer materialistic arse in a heartbeat!

    You're a little too late there Gumbob. The deed has already been done.

  • freedomlover

    so jourles.....

    is your wife going to go riding with you?!

  • Jourles
    how much did you end up spending on this, before mods

    The bike went for $7850 pre 6% tax(the msrp is around 8800), and the dealer discounted all of the accessories for me at 20%. They even discounted the pipes 20%. They sold the pipes for $350 -- anywhere else on the web they run $400+.

    You just gotta shop around, even out of state, and go with the best overall deal. I was pretty close to driving down to Toledo, OH because a dealer there had the same bike for roughly the same price(cheapest in the nation). But my local dealer ended up giving it to me for roughly the same. So it was a no-brainer.

  • Jourles
    is your wife going to go riding with you?!

    Not likely. Even if I added a sissy bar, I don't think she has the desire to ride shotgun. It's probably due to that one time I took her out on my snowmobile and she got knocked off the back. Pavement is a little less forgiving than powder.

  • damselfly

    It's beautiful!! **drool**


  • anewme

    Have fun luv!


  • justsomedude

    Good for you man. I eat, sleep and breath motorcycles, they are certainly worth the risk.

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