I'm gonna die

by Jourles 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • justsomedude

    Wear your gear though...

  • hamsterbait

    Scary but fun - take a chance in life you only have one.

    Dying is part of the life of everyone. It will come when it comes. Enjoy the ride called LIFE.

    Read the Bible. Jehu loved riding his chariot at "great speed" - a bible times boy racer. HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED.

    Do we see the prophets condemning him for driving too fast, even when he asked others to ride with him? NO NO NO.

    Enjoy your ride. The Almighty knows you will enjoy it. Just like all the other risky things. (You might die of a heart attack during sex.)


  • candidlynuts


    wear a helmet and get one of those t shirts that say " if you can read this, the bitch fell off"!

  • stillconcerned

    We're ALL gonna die....

    You'll die smiling.

  • startingover

    Now if you had ended up with anything but the Honda, I probably wouldn't be replying on this thread. You see, my blood flows Honda red. I think you made a wise decision, of course I'm a little biased, I have 12 Hondas in my collection.

    I have never been able to understand the HD thing. If I was going to spend that kind of $$$, I would get a Rune.

    OK all you Harley lovers, flame on.

  • Jourles
    get one of those t shirts that say " if you can read this, the bitch fell off"!

    YES! I've always wanted one of those t-shirts. I think that is the best shirt ever made for bikers.

    I'm gonna get one and I don't really care what my wife thinks about it either.

  • hamsterbait

    Forgive me for asking, but i always heard that Biker Cicks had - you know - big bosoms.


  • mkr32208

    Stop your killlllling me! I had to sell my bike when wife got pregant with first child (I ever find the father that SOB is in TROUBLE!) I've not had one now for over 4 years and as a stay at home dad I can't even BEGIN to justify one now....

  • Snoozy

    Nothing is more fun than riding on a riverroad in summer on a bike!..

    Or a moonlit night just cruisin along...

    But it is definately more fun with your honey on the back giving you a squeeze once in a while.

    And I always insisted on a windshild and a full face helmet..I hated bugs in my mouth.and eyes and hair...

    I made hubby get rid of ours when he turned 50..he just didn't have the coordination anymore and he had too many close calls..

    Then he went into the building and flying giant scale model airplanes ..he usually let our son do the flying after they built them because again..his coordination wasn't that great anymore..those things could run $10,000. with the motor and smoke screens etc...and when they wrecked..we all cried!

    Hubby liked the Honda the best though out of all the bikes we had. I liked the way a Susuki sounded though..Br-oooom..Br-oom

    .blat,blat,blat.. Exciting!!!!


    ps...You gonna go to the big rally they have in Sturgis every year? We got there right when it was over one year..thank goodness.A week earlier and we wouldn't have been able to get a hotel room..

  • hopelesslystained

    Good on you Jourles! One of the first things I did upon leaving that damned cult
    was hook up with some of those 'big boys on bikes'! No 'fashion hogs' for me.
    Real bikes, as in HD, but old style. Real men, not a bible thumping wimp. Yes, even the the outlaws, local chapter.
    Did I have fun? YES Did they treat me well? YES Do I have outstanding memories! YES

    Ride free and in the wind my dear!


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