What will the next flash of New Light bring?

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  • RubaDub

    I think that the next new light will be that "some" of those in Sodom and Gomorrah will be resurrected ...

    The ones with the hard-ons for the "visitors" are toast.

    Rub a Dub

  • bonnzo



    First, there was the gathering of the remnant of those anointed by God’s spirit, who have the hope of being with Christ as part of the heavenly Kingdom. Though such ones were scattered among the nations, they were brought into organizational unity. The completion of the sealing of these anointed ones draws near.—Revelation 7:3, 4.

    this is a quote from Worship The Only True God book published in 2002. they've changed the sealing by 1935 and most witnesses dont even realize it, as evidenced by the answers to the following questions in the Daniels Speculation/Prophecy book, page 292:


    Daniel 12:3 even tells us what work would occupy these anointed Christians in the time of the end. They would be "bringing the many to righteousness." The anointed remnant set about gathering the remaining number of the 144,000 joint heirs of Christ. (Romans 8:16, 17; Revelation 7:3, 4) When that work was completed—evidently by the mid-1930’s—they began gathering the "great crowd" of "other sheep." (Revelation 7:9; John 10:16) These too exercise faith in the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they have a clean standing before Jehovah. Numbering into the millions today, they cherish the hope of surviving the coming destruction of this wicked world. During Christ’s Thousand Year Reign, Jesus and his 144,000 fellow kings and priests will apply to obedient mankind on earth the full benefits of the ransom, thereby helping all of those exercising faith to shed every last trace of sin inherited from Adam. (2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 7:13, 14; 20:5, 6) In the fullest sense, the anointed will then share in "bringing the many to righteousness" and will ‘shine like the stars’ in heaven. Do you value the hope of living on earth under the glorious heavenly government of Christ and his corulers? What a privilege it is to share with "the holy ones" in preaching this good news of God’s Kingdom!—Matthew 24:14.

    12. (a) During the time of the end, how have the anointed been involved in "bringing the many to righteousness"? (b) How will the anointed bring many to righteousness and ‘shine like the stars’ during the Thousand Year Reign of Christ?

    no one answered differnently from the paragraph in my book study. my mom answered the question and i showed her the "new light". she was shocked.

  • heathen

    How about they finally realize that by joining the UN as an NGO they were in fact worshipping the scarlet beast and or satan the devil and denounced the sovereignty of the messianic kingdom .

    Now there's some new light for you . Or maybe they wake up and realize that the WTBTS is the evil slave and not the FDS . Maybe they will even realize that the book publishing corporation is not playing the role Noahs ark and is not a mediator for the GC .

    Man this list could go on and on and on ..................... charles russel a lunatic , judge rutherford a false prophet and a drunkard , the 144k are comprised of male members ........................

  • trevor
    ... new Blood doctrine?

    ... 144,000 a figurative number?

    ... all JW's go to heaven?

    For many decade the Watchtower Society did believe the above. It was only as the light got brighter that they changed their mind.

  • james_woods

    But, if the 144,000 are all MALE, how can they be the BRIDE of Christ?

    What exactly are you saying here, OpenFireGlass?

  • Perry

    I expect a refinement and expansion of the invisibility doctrine:

    In the Nov. 15 2010 Watchtower it states:

    14) Since Christ did return in 1919 to inspect his "belongings" on earth and found a group of footstep followers closely doing Jehovah's will, he promoted them to greater service. Although at the time this was not clearly seen because of the invisibility of Christs' return, we can see it plainly now in retrospect because of the positive results stemming from that promotion to greater service acting as Christs' Faithful and Discreet Slave class. Only those with spiritual eyes can now see this divine appointment and enjoy the many fine benefits a close association with Christs' brothers now brings. Consequently, it is of no surprise that wicked imposters who did not discern Christs' return are of the same type as those today who cannot discern Christs appointed Shepherds. When looked at in this light it is easy to see how the invisibility of Christs' return served as a sifting process whereby the "desirable things" were kept and the undiserable things were simply cast aside.

    15) Likewise, in more modern times many erroneously thought that the Fall of 1975 would usher in the foretold promised paradise. When many failed to discern the invisible spiritual paradise that manifested itself by means of the life saving work of the Jonadab class, some fell victum to false pride and hedonistic practices popular at that time in the age of disco. Had they held fast to the "writer with the secretary's inkhorn" they would have kept their spiritual vision and decerned the spiritual paradise so lovingly provided for them. Again, we see how physical invisibility provides a "season of sifting" and leads the righteous to a greater understanding, real spiritual sight, and promotion to further service.

    16) Similarly, many have recently questioned the appointment of non-annointed brothers to the various offices of Governing Body oversight that are needed by Jehovahs' Organization. Some have even wondered how they could lead without the direction being of the annointed. Still others have expressed a weakness to "run ahead" of Jehovah's Organization and develop personal theories and doctrines on their own. Thankfully, instead of falling victum to independent thinking, we can look to past examples as to the way that Jehovah is now leading the people who are called by his name. True, many of the annointed governing body have finished their earthly course. One could not logically expect their earthy bodies to continue indefinitely. This however does not mean that they have given up their positions of oversight and are not even now actively leading the under shepherds left in their stead. How?

    17) Are not these "tried and proven" men to rule as "kings and priests" with Christ upon the completion of their earthyly course? Surely we could not expect the King of Kings to not use his royal assets upon their uniting in heaven can we? The invisibility of their presence should not surprise us when we consider previous examples of God's use of the invisible to put to shame the wise of this world. The apostle paul used Timothy, sometimes sending him to congregations in his place. Although Paul was not physically visible to the congregations, the scriptures make it clear that Timothy faithfully discharged his duties as a substitute for Paul and that this was faithfully accepted by most (not all) of the early Christians. This new Timothy class is even now being raised up in our midst and the evidence is clear from the expansion in many countries that the invisible leadership of the Faithful and Discreet Slave will have every bit the positive effect upon the right-hearted that Christ's invisible return did in 1919.

    18) So, let us rejoice in the fact that Jehovah has not left his people without Shepherds who know what our difficulties are and can sympathize with our struggles in a Satanic world. Let us be thankful that we are not deceived by the proud and the worldly wise who demand physical sight but in reality stoop, stumble and fall for the machinations of the devil. Let us not give in to physical weaknesses but rather give thanks to the One who is Invisible for providing light, wisdom, and joy through the very use of that divine invisiblity.

  • DannyHaszard

    Welcome back Perry!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ok - I'll go for the long shot.

    To keep the carrot active amidst failing 'Prophesies' and flip-flopping, the R&F need 'Spiritual' encouragement. There will be a new interpretation of the Scripture at Luke 22v19; ''Keep doing this in Remembrance of me'' whereby all Faithful Baptised Dubs (of a certain amount of years standing, thereby PROVING their Dedication) will be encouraged to partake. This will bump up the Memorial numbers AND encourage/emotionally blackmail short-term Dubs to remain in The Society/Organisation to attain this Priveledge.

    As for those who are 'Annointed', they will SERVE the wine and bread as they belong to the 'Faithful and Discreet SLAVE' Class. Slave will become literal.

  • TheListener

    Whatever changes are made we can be sure it won't be for the benefit of the sheep. We must think about what changes protect the society and it's interests.

    Blood - If changed it could provide protection from potential lawsuits. Dubs wouldn't bat an eye if the blood issue went away.

    144,000 sealing (1935) - I don't see this changing significantly. It doesn't protect the society financially and doesn't bother rank and file witnesses.

    What problems does the society have that is causing them problems? Lack of zeal! Lack of money! Changes will be made to remedy the situation the Society finds itself in.

    We must think about what would increase the zeal of the rank and file witnesses. With increased zeal and confidence I think the money would follow.

    What changes would serve to encourage the flock?

  • heathen
    What changes would serve to encourage the flock?

    How bout some financial assistance such as helping those using their own vehicles in service ?

    Many have mentioned a day care for children so people can do things more efficiently and the sunday service can be held without the constant child beating festival that takes place .

    Maybe the billion dollar NFP corporation can provide housing assistance and or health insurance to keep people healthy and out raising money .

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