What will the next flash of New Light bring?

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  • ballistic

    Think about it, when we're all dead and gone, and no one remembers us, or in my best optimism we get a brief mention in "the way back machine"... it will be 2914, a millenium after 1914.

    1914 will have to go between now and then. Probably sooner rather than later.

  • ballistic

    I was listening to "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" when I posted that. We can only hold the torch for so long guys. Sad in'it.

  • Gregor

    Good topic. A lot of these replies are dead on.

    My feeling is that the fatal flaw in the JW business plan has always been the Armageddon/ two classes scenario. It has also been the core of their appeal. Most all other organized religions, pagan or Christian, teach that the payoff comes after death. This is critical to the marketing plan. This is fool proof, no refunds, no returns.

    Even Orthodox Judaism avoids setting a time frame on the coming of the Messiah, thus, it's shelf life is indefinite.

    I feel the WTS has already taken major steps, like redefining 1914, toward getting themselves out of the corner they had painted themselves into. I feel strongly that they are going to continue to dial in their followers to an open ended ,"pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye" scenario.

  • heathen
    My feeling is that the fatal flaw in the JW business plan has always been the Armageddon/ two classes scenario.

    I think the fear of the end is what kept them going . Since it's obvious hellfire doesn't scare anybody anymore , they believe they are at war with invisible spirits which seems to make them extremely paranoid . Don't trust outside sources of information , don't associate or make friends with outsiders , the only source of true information is the book publishing corporation . It seems to work for them . They do attract the worlds rejects that's for sure .

    They need the 2class senario , it's what keeps the R&F in line and wasting their lives serving the publishing corporation .

  • RubaDub

    I just hope they don't mess with the Horn Blowing in 1922 at Cedar Point Ohio.

    That was always one of my favorites and my faith would be put to the test if they change it.

    Rub a Dub

  • xjwms


    good thoughts

    Do you really think they have "a lack of money" ?

    With the real estate holdings...and sales... I have to believe they are loaded.

  • stillconcerned

    Betcha a nickel the next flash 'o new light will involve significant changes in policy re sexual abuse occuring in congregations.

  • TheListener

    xjwms, Sorry, I didn't see your question to me until today.

    The friends just aren't contributing like they used to. the COs and DOs have been saying for many years now that there just isn't enough money coming in for the amount of literature that is requested. I believe the contributions cover the actual cost of printing, etc. but it's not as much as the society would like.

    Notice how most "simplification" arrangments that have been announced over the past 10 years are money savers. For example, assembly food, convention food, paperback books, paperback bibles, monthly Awake, grouping individual congregations literature orders together if they share a KH and shipping the literature to a central location (like an assy. hall) and not to a local home, asking the literature servants to make sure they don't overstock items, having the congregations review WT/AW orders for each family/publisher and reviewing that against reported placements and then talking to the friends about lowering their orders if necessary, etc.

    I don't feel that they currently lack money. I do feel that they don't have as much as they feel they need or that they used to have. I'm talking liquid cash. Property and investments are great and help the longterm viability of the Society, but it's hard to quickly turnaround and sell a residence building or factory building to get needed cash in a pinch. I also feel that they are stockpiling money for potential lawsuits. What money they have may be held in reserve.

    On additional thought. As growth in the industrial world decreases their potential contributions from the weathiest countries decreases with it. As growth in the third world increases demand for literature, KHs, COs, DOs, branches, etc. increases. They are concerned about money now and have been for some time and this worry only increases as they look to the future and review their growth pattern.

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