The Secret is Out

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  • Brigid


    This is going to hi-jack this post a bit and I apologize but I have to put my 2 cents in on Karma. My knowledge is limited but as I understand it. The Law of Karma is really just Cause and Effect and not really to do with good/evil. It seems more of a balancing system built into our schema. There is no "good" Karma/"bad" Karma. There are just debits and credit to your soul-account as you cycle in and out of this learning institution. And your soul does remember these things. It's all for personal evolution.

    My new-agey 2 cents on Karma for what it's worth.


  • KW13

    Very nice but i actually feel ok right now. I dont need yoga or any of that

  • ballistic

    I haven't fully looked into this thread's links, but I'm guessing they are making you pay for the secret, "belief is everything" - am I correct? Well Jesus said "if you have faith the size of a mustard grain... blah blah blah", but as someone said on this thread, "try telling that to the starving children of Africa."

    But what I will say is, there is power in belief. If you have set your heart on a goal but deep down you believe you will fail; you probably will.

    There is as little difference as 1% between Olympic Champions and the "also-ran" in athletic performance. The thing that makes the difference between the two can often be simply confidence.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Strange cults are NOT the answer! Have you not noticed this yet? (I mean this in the nicest possible way)

    I"m afraid that despite all its faults, failings and inadequacies, democratic governments are the only way to solve problems such as poverty and inequality.

    Gill, when did I say anything about joining some strange cult? haven't I just broken free from one?

    Thinking Positive and giving money to a cult of religion will accomplish nothing.

    Again, when did I say I was giving my money to a cult and for your info I don't believe in religion, any religion, do you honestly think that the year of researching the BS of cults and religion that I have spent have been for nothing?

    You have to get off your ass, talk, take action, work etc NOT pay $4.95 for a 'secret'.

    So basically you know for sure, that I am not talking and taking action, you would be very WRONG!!!!! I never said all you had to do was pay $4.95, had I known that some of you would be so offended at paying that miserable sum of money I would have mentioned it from the get go, which I should have said anyway so as not to appear misleading, which was the furthest thing from my mind.

    There is NO EASY way I'm afraid. This is life and This is the SECRET - WORK you butt off for what you want and what you believe in....That's IT! End of story.

    I completely agree, it takes desire, work, action and money to accomplish the end result!

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble.

    Of this you do not have to worry, not you nor anyone is bursting my bubble, you can only do that if I allow you to, which ain't happening! So my freind, do your thing, cause I'm sure gonna do mine!


  • Elsewhere

    Anyone want to buy Hell insurance? For $50 a month I will *guarantee* that you will not end up in a hell of eternal fiery torment.

    (Hell, if the Catholic Church can do it, so can I )

  • Gregor

    "The Secret" in one act. (or, as it was called in the original wingding tongue - The Secre


    The scene opens in a doctors examination room. A middle aged man sits on the edge of the exam table in his undershirt. In front of him stands an older man, the doctor, in a white jacket with a stethescope around his neck.


    patient: "When I do this (raises left arm at the shoulder and rotates it in a circular motion) it hurts like hell. Is there any thing I can do to alleviate the pain?"


    doctor: "Yes... Don't do that"


    patient pauses thoughtfully for a moment then says: "Gee...that might just work! I'll try it. What, do I owe you doc?"

    doctor: "That's $175.00 for the consultation and the common sense is free."

  • one

    like with anything else... our reactions to "new" stuff just reflects the level of knowledge and awareness we possess at the moment.

    BTW after being a jw nothing should impress you, I am glad when I clicked the link It did not go anywhere, most likely it woud had been a waste of bandwith,

    just my reaction to "good news" , there is nothing new under the sun.

  • vitty

    I thought it was a promotion for a new film

  • Gill

    IC - Sorry if you took offence, but non was intended.

    I didn't think you were 'joining' anything, but perhaps being 'influenced by 'something'.

    If it makes you happy, then great. But didn't joining JW land make you feel like you'd found 'something important'. You just reminded me of a zealous new JW. (That by the way is also meant to be non offensive).

    Again, if it makes you happy then go for it. But, in the end, it's a con. Positive thinking certainly works, but you shouldn't have to pay to be told that!

    Regards to you, IC


  • jwfacts

    The people involved and the message is the same as the movie "what the bleep..."

    It is based around Qantum Physics. The message is good, similiar to the concept that prayer works. The only issue that i have with it is that as far as I know this is from the Raelian cult, the same people that falsely claimed to have cloned a human.

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