The Secret is Out

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  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Ok, it's another rip-off scheme. Some of it is stating the obvious, some is a load of codswallop.


    Thank you for sharing the content IC. Focussing on the 'obvious' bits, sometimes, IMHO, we need it spelling out in black and white, eg when we're at a low point or not sure which way to go in life, when it's hard to just 'keep on believing in ourselves and our abilities' I come into these categories quite often

    You found something which you find encouraging and you've tried to pass some of that good feeling onto us, in a way putting into practice what you learned. I appreciate you for your sincerity and kindness in doing that.

    I hope that the encouragement you receive on this thread will overcome some of the (well-intentioned) negativity which has been shown.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Thanks to those of you who looked close enough to see my true intentions, when I went to that site and saw the things they were trying to sell, I too saw that they were trying to make a buck off of this and frankly I will not purchase any of that stuff because I have more important things to spend my money on. BUT, the positive message is very helpful, and yes I've pretty much read alot of this stuff from a variety of authors like Napoleon Hill and so many others.

    Gill, I know what you are saying, but who's to say that this new awareness is not the answer to the calls of so many hungry and suffering people, that through our efforts we can make a difference, come up with new ideas to feed and clothe these people, it all takes money and action, if I find a movement or a group of people that is genuinely trying to do this and is trustworthy you better believe that I will gladly contribute my money to make that happen, but it won't ever happen unless someone takes action and that my freind is one of my major goals in life!


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Just be careful what you wish for.

  • inbyathread

    What a bunch of ********.

    This reminds me of another con-artist author who put some words on paper and sold it as the ultimate health guide. Was based on the idea that drug companies didn't want you to know this information. But he put it in book form. I didn't buy the crock or the book but did see one. He talked big about drug companies ripping you off. He goes on to have you go to his Website where you can get all the information that the drug companies didn't want you to see. I thought that what the book was for. Going to his website what do I see. For a $9.95 monthly charge you can view what is on his website.

    It was just giving money away after more money. No thanks. What a hilarious secret.

  • Elsewhere

    I ain't paying sht for any damn "secret".

    They can KEEP their damn "secret".

  • Gill

    IC - It's a CON!

    All sane people want 'it better' for themselves and for others.

    Strange cults are NOT the answer! Have you not noticed this yet? (I mean this in the nicest possible way)

    I"m afraid that despite all its faults, failings and inadequacies, democratic governments are the only way to solve problems such as poverty and inequality.

    Thinking Positive and giving money to a cult of religion will accomplish nothing.

    You have to get off your ass, talk, take action, work etc NOT pay $4.95 for a 'secret'.

    There is NO EASY way I'm afraid. This is life and This is the SECRET - WORK you butt off for what you want and what you believe in....That's IT! End of story.

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble.

  • gumby
    Most people think about what they don't want, ie think you don't want to be robbed and you end up being robbed

    *starts intensive thought about not being held down by 3 blondes and taken advantage of*


  • Brigid


    I get it. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

    All, if you find nothing of value in it, here's a thought, do not order it. Simply close the link and move on.

    Love and Light,


  • wednesday

    I am always hoping to stumble onto something that will improve my life.

    I agree with the law of attraction, but that is not news, recall "birds of a feather...."

    All the message said to me was to think more positively, and that is good, it will not hurt anyone, but it won't help anyone with serious problems.

    As far as karma, I do not understand why a person woud be punished in his current lifetime for something he did in past lifetime. What possible good could come from that? he has no idea what he did in past, so all he knows is he is suffering and no clue why. It serves no purpose. Real karma would punish the person in the lifetime he has done bad things.

  • SickofLies

    I think the problem IC is the way you presented the issue, I myself have posted book reviews on this site of books I enjoyed and would recommend, but people know up front that they are going to have to pay for the books if they want to read them. I think people got the impression you were offering some kind of religous hope from your post and when they saw a price tag they thought 'cult' or 'con' because we all came out of that kind of environment. If you had of been honest and up front in stating that this "MOVIE" for only $4.95 had really helped you and wrote a breif review, I think people would have been much more receptive.

    ~ SoL

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