The Secret is Out

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  • candidlynuts

    IC i hope you feel comfy sharing anything you want to here.. people can take it or leave it as always.sorry if anything i said made you uncomfortable i'm just poor as dirt and complain about anything that costs money!! if " the secret" makes people think then it cant be all bad!

    farkel , you said:

    I'm not a new-ager. I'm a hard core skeptic, but I think with string theory and the multi-dimensional aspects of that, plus the fact that we are mostly water, plus the FACT that our brains cannot distinguish the difference between the memories in it and present day reality, that we may just be on the cusp of some fabulous new insights as to why so many of us (or all of us) are so fucked up. Or, the even more compelling thought that we may be living our lives in many dimensions simultaneously and in each dimension, we may be living them differently. Or that past, present and future all exist simultaneously as a (genuine) psychic girlfrend of mine suggested to me over twenty years ago.

    my honey and i talked about what the bleep for DAYS, it sparked a lot of discussion! great discussion cuz he's an ex rocket scientist AND a stoner so you can imagine the conversations !

  • SickofLies

    This secret is nothing more than a sugar pill, if you believe it will work than it will, if you don't it won't. Simple as that.

  • Farkel

    IC & the Curtain,

    : but if you want to know for free what it is I can just give you a breakdown from the notes I took down,

    I'm glad this was enlightening for you, but there is no "secret" about this. I've seen it all before, many times. The real "secret" is living it, rather than knowing it. That is the difficult part and not just for me, but for most folks.

    I suggest you consider reading "The Power of Intention" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He is frequently featured on PBS (USA) television. He discusses pretty much all of those subjects and does it in a way that is inspiring.



  • MegaDude
    You are the one who creates your reality

    That is not necessarily so. If you're ignorant, someone else can create your reality. What do you think your trip through the Watchtower was about? If you have less power than someone else who wants to create your reality, believe me... they can create a very unpleasant reality for you. Talk to some of the Jews who survived the holocaust. They didn't create the reality of Nazi concentration camps.

    That being said, being conscious of your thoughts and your beliefs and where they are taking you is very important. I spend a few minutes every day with my eyes closed planning with intent what I wish to do that day, how I want to feel, how I want to be. I have found it very beneficial.

  • Farkel


    : And from my own observations:

    :Karma kicks ass.

    Indeed. It is best left to God, though. We humans are just not qualified to administer it, even if we could administer it. There have been those who have thought they could play God and while they may have prospered in their lives playing God, have not understood that Karma does not apply to just one lifetime: their actions in one lifetime may adversely affect them in many future ones. Or something like that. I don't know if this type of thinking is rubbish or not, but I do know that the concept of Karma is supposed to work like that.


  • anewme

    All people throughout time have benefitted from pep talks.
    "Think outside the box of your mental paradigm" talks
    "We dont have to be just sheep!" talks
    "Life is about choice!" seminars
    "Declare who you ARE, not who you WILL BE or WANT TO BE, but WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!"

    So far there is not much "new under the sun" in this field. Just new glossy books with new titles by a new set of authors from a new generation of seekers.

    But for each individual discovering it for himself for the first time it is AMAZING!!!!!

    Thankyou for sharing your finding IC and for your enthusiasm and sincerity.

  • Gill

    Ah! I See!

    So when the starving African is thinking about rice, beans, peas,.....just food in general....the way the principle works is that the food will turn up for him/her! And when they are thinking about water, rain, etc, if they think about it hard will turn up for them! All the good things they want in life, should just come to them if they just 'focus' hard enough!

    Wow! This secret really must be revealled to Africa.....and fast!

    No wait! They haven't got $4.95!!!! No damn 'secret' for Africa then! They can manage without!

  • Narkissos

    Sic transit ratio...

  • Abaddon

    IC, all you've found is another curtain with another set of charlatans behind it selling aphorisms and psycho-babble mixed in with the suggestion you are getting one over on all those who have tried to keep the secret secret.

    A secret seeker and his money are easily parted. Those who claim knowledge and charge for it are those who really benefit.

    It reminds me of the South Park Scientology episode where the Scientologist leaders tell Kenny he's their new prophet and then get pissed when he declares the church will no longer charge for anything as "it's the message that matters". Whilst claiming "the message matters" these people make it clear it's the money that matters and where their real interest lies.

  • funkyderek


    No wait! They haven't got $4.95!!!! No damn 'secret' for Africa then! They can manage without!

    Don't worry. There's no real secret anyway. It's just a promo site for a low-budget movie, apparently one trying to milk the current Da Vinci Code-inspired interest in the esoteric and arcane. If it was worth paying $5 to watch, it would have made it to the cinema.

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