Ever have a part on a convention or assembly?

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  • primitivegenius

    yeah unfortunately........ CA......... i was the good example. got given the cornyiest lines which i rewrote and they still sucked grrrrr. now i wish i would have just played hooky

  • Tigerman

    No . . .but my kids were part of that brainwashing technique.

  • researcher

    Yes, I have had speaking assignments on both the circuit and district levels.

    In hind sight, it would of been a good opportunitity to really tell the truth. :)

    The best advice I can give to is quietly dissappear. In the big picture they dont matter. Do not waste your time arguing or trying to convince any of the borg. You are simply wasting your time.

    Move on to higher plains....


  • Frog
    I could tell you a story about one very wealthy elder who befriended a CO the extent that he and his wife would drive over to neighboring congos to take the CO out to dinner while he was serving over there. When I asked him about that once, he said there was no one in that particular congo who could afford to take the CO and his wife out to eat (well, sure, if your destination is a 5-star restaurant). Can you imagine?

    I bet there are plenty of CO's who've used their prestige & power to live like kings of the R&F Wily. I'm sure though that there must at least be a few who believe they're intentions are honorable.

    I never really understood the purpose of the CO/DO, except for reporting functions...but surely you don't need to spend a fortune on leasing cars, and allowances just for that when you've got stacks of willing elders. Like you say their visits are absolutely whilstlestop, and unless you're close to the center of the innersanctions the guy wouldn't even know you're alive...

  • lilybird

    When I was a teen , a brother had a part at the Circuit Assembly to teach the "youth" what good wholesome entertainment and JW socializing was all about.He had a group of about 10 of us: it was supposed to show how good JW teens should behave when get together for an evening of good 'wholesome" fun.

    One brother played the guitar and we sang some country tune and then took turns telling really corny and bad jokes..We were all embarrassed to be in the part actually.. We heard that afterward the brothers "in charge" were not pleased with the way he conducted the segment. It was not at all realistic.We all tried to tell him that it just wasn't believable or realistic.. even by JW standards.. but.. guess he learned by all his bad reviews..

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    I gave the experience of informally witnessing. It was a great little experience. I ended up going through the entire Knowledge Book with her and she began attending meetings, as well as assemblies, occasionally. Funny thing is she never progressed to the point of baptism. I never knew why. Something was holding her back. At times in was quite depressing!! I had put my heart and soul into her trying to reach her "heart". Well, in time we lost touch. In time I began to question things, and eventually, I began my journey out. About a month ago, after a year of indepth study, and coming to the hard core truth about MANY things, I decided to call her. We got together for lunch and I shared with her what I had been up to for the last year. Needless to say she was speechless!!! I told her about all the things I had dicovered were not true. And many of them were of things I had taught as FACT to her. Needless to say it was emotional, because I felt so foolish. But I felt it nescessary for her to know the "truth" regardless of how stupid I felt. She was so VERY accepting. For that I am truely greatful! Turns out she said she never knew why it was she could'nt bring herself to baptism. She would pray and pray about it, but could not bring herself to do it. Now that I look back, I realize it was MY heart that needed to be reached!


  • limbogirl

    I was probably 9 and my pioneer mom and I did an interview in a part at the CA. I still remember that I wore a pink dress and was very nervous. I was asked what I did to help our family while my mother pioneered and I squeaked out something about folding laundry and getting along with my younger brother.

    Speaking of parts at the CA -- best one I ever saw was a skit about some jw kids misbehaving at the local hotel that they were staying at during the DA. Apparently this was a local needs issue. Anyway, the kids in the part were completely convincing as hooligans and the audience roared as they pretended to cause mayhem at the hotel bringing bigtime reproach to jehovie's name. People were actually paying attention and GASP...laughing! The CO gets up after the skit and stands there just glaring at the audience and then ripped into everyone for laughing. Everyone was hanging their heads in shame.

  • EAGLE-1

    Yea and it was boring.We were doing jdub version of the ten commandments.Got me thinking about how f------ stupid people were back then.

    Look Pharoah the sea parted...yes that happens all the time....come on lets follow em....sure no problem.

    How come we got horses on these chariots.Thought they died in one of the plagues......yea know what you mean....same thing happened with the cows in one plague, then they died again when the first born crapped out on us.

  • Bangalore



  • OnTheWayOut

    I was in a drama one time. I was a Hebrew that had no problem bowing to Nebuchadnezzar's idol of gold in the story of the three Hebrews that refused to bow.

    I was also in a circuit assembly part where service overseers sat around discussing how their members are expanding to different avenues other than door-to-door.

    I enjoyed the first, but too many rehearsals. The second taught me that I had NO asperations to be in assembly/convention parts. Many elders would kiss C.O. asses to get the talking parts. Good for them.

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