Ever have a part on a convention or assembly?

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  • Frog

    I played a role in a convention drama when I was 14. It was a really poxy modern day drama. Something about catching my bigger brother puffing on a cigarette lol. I had to practice the part for months in a dogey American accents. Why they couldn't do an Aussie voiceover for those things is beyond me...bit like those Subway ads...

    Also had a part on an Assembly, an experience part. I was near on 17 & had to get up & spill my guts on the lesson I'd learned from hanging out with "worldlings" from my place of work, and how my folks new what was best for me blah blah blah ...pure puke material...I wrote my responses in my own words & the city overseer practically completely re-wrote the thing entirely lol!...they almost had to force me up on stage in the end with a pointy stick...oh the memories...

    How about the rest of ya?

  • Ellie

    No way!!

    What do you mean, you had to speak in an American accent? Whats that all about?

  • Frog

    Our convention drama tapes must've all been sent direct from Brooklyn. So we had to lipsync to American accents, and it kind of just stuck for when you were rehearsing without the tapes...

  • minimus

    From the time I was about 10 until I was 18, I was in EVERY Circuit AND District convention part. When I was a pioneer and MS, I also had parts and when I was an elder, I usually had about 2 parts in the Circuit assembly per CO.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes - quite a few times. Once at a District and many at Circuit/Special Assembly days

  • Frog

    wowa minimus you must've been a good two shoes elders kid to score that many parts?!

  • TheListener


    CA and DC level.

  • Gopher

    3 times (not counting a #4 student talk).

    In the old days (late 60's), the circuit assembly Watchtower study wasn't a lecture like it is now. It was a question-and-answer session with a conductor and a few people from the congregation. I was in a make-believe "family" answering some questions.

    When I was about 12, in a totally fictitious "interview", an elder in my hall interviewed me about how I did return visits. He scripted the whole thing, and my answers were to support the outline for the assembly part (although that elder never told me why).

    Another time I portrayed one of two young JW's about to go to a "Witness party", and my "friend" was trying to persuade me to stop and buy liquor on the way there. What a realistic skit.

  • Brigid

    Yes, oddly enough, I had my first acting debut on a part at a CA. I was a youth who was "inwardly" debating on whether or not to move out of my parents' house (I came from, by that time, a single mother's home but this was ACTING! <John Lovitz reference>). I had to soliloquize in a silly manner about the pitfalls of moving out of the loving, spiritually nurturing environment of my witness household

    Thanks for the laughs!


  • Frog
    Yes, oddly enough, I had my first acting debut on a part at a CA.

    look out Broadway! lol

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