Ever have a part on a convention or assembly?

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  • JWinprotest

    A few years ago, I was in a skit at the CA, demonstrating to the audience how to research topics in the WT publications.

    I was asked to prepare what I was going to say, and send it to the elder, handling the main talk, so he can look it over prior to the part.

    A couple of days later he gives it back to me and says, "I hope you don't mind, I've changed a few things".

    Nothing I had written remained in the part, he completely revamped it.

  • crazy2try

    I had one when I was about 14 at a CA. I actually really enjoyed it. I originally was going to lipsync but right before I went on the brothers behind the stage were not prepared for me to do that. So thankfully I actually remember the lines. It was a part about a young teen who moved out to young and wanted to return home after finding out the world was a lot harder to deal with. I pretended to phone my mother and have a conversation with her. What was funny, I thought was that my mom was behind the wall talking into a mic and chatting with me.

    I'll be honest I liked the attention from doing things like that. I love a good pat on the back, a job well done. I always enjoyed giving the easy talks cause someone would always complement me. Goodness,.....well I am being honest. Shallow but honest.

  • finallysomepride

    II remember doing a part in district convention drama in the late 70s, hated it, my part was drawing the curtains (LOL), we had to be in period costume & were not aloud to show our legs (male) so we had to where tights. What a bunch of dumbarses, wish i had refused the part.

  • cofty

    A few times on the circuit assembly. Like willyolman said parts on the DC were mostly for elders who were well connected and generous to the top brass. I did the Watchtower review on the CO a few months before I got DF'd. Actually that was a busy year, I did memorial, "special talk" and assembly talk and got DF'd all within a few months

  • SouthCentral

    Many assemblies; circuit and district. I was a High school pioneer, so there was always an experience to embellish upon and share with the fellow J-Dubs!!!

  • jam

    Three talks in the CA and one demonstration wtih my Family.After my last talk in Ca I was out

    of the borg. within A year..So much for spiritual direct men.

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