Gawd The Board Is Slow Tonight.....

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  • nicolaou

    Oh crap, I just noticed my post count and got spooked!

  • merfi
    I mean just look at the lovely merfi and imagine her bop'n away at her 'puter... oh be still my beating heart

    Aw shucks, unclebruce. Me own lil heart just a-pitterin now.

    FWIW, the current song goin is "Fever for the Flava" (I gotta fever for the flava of a cootchie). Not a WTBS-approved melody I'm guessin. But screw 'em.

    While I have ya attention, I've been meaning to post at you that I spent a year in your great land of Oz in 1986 as an exchange student. The most awesome year of my entire life (pre JW days, thank god). I lived in Swan Hill, Vic but was able to travel take in Melbourne quite a bit (love that train ride), SA, the Centre (climbed the Rock! And sat in that fertility seat... hmm...) and snorkled the reef. Good times.... The drinking age was 18 while I was there, and having turned that magical age while there, I developed a love of Foster's, Melbourne Bitter and XXXX. It still finds its way to my frig when I find it.

  • unclebruce
    Have you ever heard of a fellow who posts over on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn by the name "Jabriol"? He's quite proud of having done that to someone. Maybe I'll have to introduce you sometime.
    JABRIOL tells brother JW to commit suicide

    Yes scully,

    I exposed him several years ago at Deja Vu for that in both the english and spanish forums. I had several heavy fights with him and I bought a spanish/english dictionary and a spanish phrase book especially for the task. Several spaniards said that my spanish was imaculate lol. (I cheated when running out of amo though. Posting while tired and forgeting there was an audience, I used the phrase "just because I'm in a wheel chair doen't mean I'm stupid!" I just thought it a funny phrase to have in a phrase book but it bought a flood of unwarranted sympathy from our spanish speaking friends - another true confession lol. You must be daria teresa tonight


  • unclebruce
    FWIW, the current song goin is "Fever for the Flava" (I gotta fever for the flava of a cootchie). Not a WTBS-approved melody I'm guessin. But screw 'em.

    Yeah screw 'em! lol, nice to meet you merfi,

    I'm listening to the deep drones and heavy piano of nick cave ... this chair ain't made for bop'n.

    One day I hope to take a on the Ghan (the new railway from Adelaide to Darwin). It's a bit expensive but most really good things are.

    cheers, unc

    ps: go easy on that Queensland beer. lol.

  • Legolas


    Check your email.


    I did...nothing is there... yet anyway....LOL!

  • Scully


    Jabriol, I remember him. Didn't he used to post on the old deja and usenet forums way, way back?

    Yes, that would be him.

    Don't worry about your post count. Just like what happened with CTR's predictions about 1914, the End Of The World™ didn't come, and 1915 followed as it was supposed to.

  • Legolas

    Arrrrrrr...another slow night!

  • ballistic

    nice resurection.

  • Legolas

    I'm just bored and lonely!

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