My favorite weather...what's yours? (Ozzie's gone fluffy!)

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  • greendawn

    The ideal weather for me is a temperature of around 27 degrees celsius low humidity, a mild breeze, perfectly blue sunny skies, and of course the occasional heavy rain for a change and to keep the green outside growing, it's nice to hear some thunders and the rain falling at night when you are safely in bed.

    In fact any temperature up to 35 degrees is fine as long as the humidity is under 25%, if the humidity is high it better not be over 30 degrees.

  • ozziepost
    humidity is under 25%

    Struth! What's that like?

  • IronClaw

    Rainy days, a cup of coffee and someone to share it with.

  • luna2

    I love a bright, sunny day with temps around 60/65F (16/19C) and a light breeze.

    I also love a rainy afternoon/evening on occassion.

    We have overcast skies here right now...might get some rain this afternoon. If we do, I'm going to cuddle up on the couch with a trashy novel and a cup of tea...maybe take a nap. Mmmmmm

  • Country_Woman

    Ozzie, not exactly a blizzard: We had one night of snowing - the day following was misty and the next day all sunny over white fields - beautifull.

    and the next day - same road furtheron:

    I love this type of weather.
  • luna2

    Gorgeous pictures, Country_Woman!

  • Country_Woman

    thanks luna

  • greendawn

    Ozzie apparently you live in a humid place but when once I was on vacation in the Med and the humidity was around 20% (as the wind was blowing in from the land rather than the sea) and the temperature was 35 Celsius it was a pleasant heat believe me and I was surprised that such a high temperature was not uncomfortable.

    I then realised it's humiditity that's the real problem.

  • poppers

    If I sit quietly and simply observe it, whatever weather is happening right now is just fine. When thinking about it, however, I enjoy a steady patter of rain on a summer night. When I was a kid I would sleep in a screened in upstairs backporch, and that type of weather was the best for sleeping - the sound and the smell was so soothing.

  • ballistic

    It rained all day today which deters me from taking the motorbike out, so not as nice as the other night.

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