My favorite weather...what's yours? (Ozzie's gone fluffy!)

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  • ozziepost


    Such beautiful pictures!

    You always take wonderful shots - we must talk photography when we (eventually) get to you.

    Simply mooi!

  • penny2

    Country_woman - prachtig (beautiful)!!

    Here today in South Oz, it drizzled all morning which made everything fresh and green (that was after thunder and lightning during the night). Then the sun came out in the afternoon! Just perfect.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I like all 4 seasons here in the US Midwest. Though I must say that winter is a bit too wintery at times and too long. But I would miss it if we had none at all - although an aging body that I inhabit would not so much.

    I love thunder and rain - the harder the better.

    Here in the heartland of America it is turning spring - today is promoted as a high of 54F - [around 12C? for those down under]. As I look out my window though it is frosty yet and looking a tad bit nippy.

    Yesterday I took out the ole' golf clubs and placed a few shots across the swamp in anticipation of the real thing soon.


  • Ellie

    I love it in summer when its really warm, then about 6pm the place gets covered in sea mist, its so lovely, a bit of a bummer if you have washing on the line but a small price to pay.

  • ballistic

    I don't like getting my motorbike wet unecessarily when it's all polished up so I just walked shopping and got myself soaked instead. They didn't have what I wanted. Now I am back, the sun is shining.


    drowned rat

  • mariposa

    I love the rain, the smell, the touch, the sound...just about everything

    UNLESS it happens to be raining on one of the days I've scheduled to plant flowers....then I get soaked and it makes a massive mess!!

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