My favorite weather...what's yours? (Ozzie's gone fluffy!)

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  • ozziepost

    Yep, as i'm tapping away here I started to hear the gentle roar on the patio roof - it was a shower! Oh, so welcome! and the water's free!

    Looking out the window I marvel at the richness of the green - the green leaves on the trees and bushes in the backyard, the green of the grass - and it's various shades too!

    There's something about the rain that gives color saturation (how about that photographer expression, Billygoat?)

    And it's cool, too!

    I can recall when we were farmers, our reaction when it rained. At times we would simply run out into the paddock to savor it.

    Ahh, the rain! I love it!

    But not too much.

  • OpenFireGlass

    I could really use some Sun.... It rarley ever get's above 70 degrees here on California's North Coast...

    I like any kind of weather that doesn't make me break into a sweat while i'm sitting still...


  • Dimples

    I too love the rain ozzie. I love the smell of the sidewalks at the rain hits, the sound, (oh so soothing), the coolness of the breeze it brings. It is supposed to rain here tonight, I am hoping for a good one. Time to curl up with a good book or park myself in front of the tv.


  • misspeaches

    We haven't had a good rain here for so long... All the local farmers struggle so much because of it. It's depressing. Everything is so brown and dead looking...

    You know what I love about rain... Before it begins there is that smell in the air (I've been told its the smell of wet dirt!) but I love it because I know a rain storm is about to break...

    I love sitting at the window at night during a big storm watching the rain and the lightening and waiting for the thunder!

  • alamb

    Rain...Thunder....and a good blanket on my porchswing.

  • calico

    My favorite is a sunny day (a few clouds are okay) with a light breeze and not much above 80 degrees. I love a bright, blue sky!

    I am getting impatient for the grass to turn green and for the leaves to come out! It's been so dreary!

    I long to hear the chicadees, goldfinches, and chipping sparrows.....oh and I love the crickets singing at night.

    That was pretty fluffy, huh!

  • ferret

    Lots of sunshine

  • Scully

    I love mild temperatures... anything too hot and I just wither.

    My favorite has to be a sun-shower. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I enjoy going out and just turning my face upward to fully enjoy the rain falling on me!

    Second favorite would be a light snow fall on a not-too-cold winter evening. Perfect for going for a walk... I like it best when there's hardly any noise outside and there's a bright moon lighting up the sky.

    Thunder storms are another favorite. I have a CD of thunderstorm soundtracks - I put it on and lay back and close my eyes to de-stress by it. One of the coolest things I've ever seen was a mid-winter blizzard with lightning and thunder. It was about 8 years ago and just fantastic to watch.

  • damselfly

    A bright sunshiny day with a good thunder storm at night makes me a happy girl.


  • ballistic

    The rain is hammering against the window here and it's 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm warm in here. I love it.

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