Wow that UN scandal really DOES work wonders

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    "My brother, who to my knowledge has lead one of the most upright lives hard, NEVER goes to a bar, rarely has a drink, studied tediously the publications, always made his necessary 10 hrs., etc., wrote the WTS for an called into the dreaded back room, and was promply DF'd.To me, that's gross wrongdoing on top of gross wrongdoing....but I'm sure you'll have a good explanation for that too. " Sorry - I obviously can't give any comment - I don't know the issues or attitude involved. When the sister I mentioned discussed the subject with us , together with several documents she had printed off various "apostate" sites , we didn't convene a JC , she wasn't put under any disciplinary restrictions & she even put in an Aux Pio form for the next month , which was accepted (so she was regarded as "exemplary").
    "I really do not know why you are here posting on this board, and if found out you'd be DF'd as well!!!" I've stated my reasons for posting in another post. I take the message board at face value as a "Jehovah's Witness discussion forum - everyone welcome" , aware that there are various posters including supportive active JWs , UBMs & interested persons.

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    This is a complete misrepresentation of the registration criteria because it crucially and deliberately ignores the following statement “The organization shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations and to promote knowledge of its principles and activities, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ITS OWN AIMS AND PURPOSES and the NATURE AND SCOPE OF ITS ...ACTIVITIES.”–Article 3, ECOSOC Resolution 1296 (XLIV) Arrangements for Consultation with Non_Governmental Organizations “

    The point of it all is highlighted in red, just as you've quoted, dozy. It's the SUPPORT and PROMOTION part. While the WBTS won't send Bethelites over to the Middle East to be part of a UN peace-keeping force, they will SUPPORT the work of the UN and PROMOTE knowledge of its principles and activities within the pages of the Awake/Watchtower magazines, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ITS OWN AIMS AND PURPOSES and the NATURE AND SCOPE OF ITS...ACTIVITIES. I guess the question arises in the minds of JW's, is this what Jehovah wanted our organization to do? To attach itself to the "scarlet-colored wild beast", the "disgusting thing", the "blasphemous counterfeit of God's Messianic Kingdom"?

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    This is a complete misrepresentation of the registration criteria because it crucially and deliberately ignores the following statement “The organization shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations and to promote knowledge of its principles and activities, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ITS OWN AIMS AND PURPOSES and the NATURE AND SCOPE OF ITS ...ACTIVITIES.”–Article 3, ECOSOC Resolution 1296 (XLIV) Arrangements for Consultation with Non_Governmental Organizations “

    That was my post, not Honesty's post. It is not a complete misrepresentation, it isn't even a partial misrepresentation. The ECOSOC Resolution was the Resolution that allowed for the formation of an Associate membership status to the UN/DPI (and other UN Departments and sections), the Resolution was not the Criteria for Association when the DPI Committee on NGOs actually formed, the Resolution was the basis for the formation of the Committee.

    Did you think the Criteria for Association referred to the ECOSOC Resolution? If so, you have been misled once again. The DPI Committee on NGOs developed the Criteria for Association. Further, you ommitted the section of the ECOSOC Resolution that requires any supporting organizations to have "aims and purposes" that don't conflict with the purposes of the UN before they can be permitted to formally join themselves to any department of the UN. Have you read the whole thing?

    You continue to use the misrepresentation present in the letter I received from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, dated February 8, 2005. You claim that they "registered" which is a complete misrepresentation.

    They applied to the DPI Committee on NGOs to become an Associate member to the UN/DPI. They could not possibly "register" as there is not and has never been a registrar for the UN/DPI NGO Section. There is not and never has been any "registration criteria" as can be seen in the letter I received from the CCoJW.

    Keep in mind as you read this that I never inferred that they joined the UN in my initial letter to them. In my letter I took great care to explain the difference between the UN and the UN/DPI, and also made clear that I understood what an NGO is. My letter focused on concern over the fact that they became an Associate member to the UN/DPI, which they unquestionably did.

    So, as you can see, when quoting from the UN/DPI NGO Section Chief or referring to terms as used by the UN/DPI they do not refer to it as a registration. They acknowledge that the criteria was Criteria for Association. They know for sure they did not ever register with the UN/DPI, yet they continue to lying imply that they did. The only way you can get less repentant than failing to acknowledge the error of your course of action on direct questioning by someone who is troubled by it is by continuing in the same course of action.

    I ask you pointedly: Is the UN/DPI a secular organization with objectives contrary to the Bible and is it under judgement by God?

    If you continue to dodge that question it will begin to appear that you are not sincere after all. It is such a simple question. And clears the matter up immediately, if answered.

    If your answer is yes, then the WTS has held itself to a different standard (a second set of weights).

    If your answer is no, then I would simply ask what the eventual fate of the UN/DPI is and why, according to JW doctrine.


  • uninformed

    swalker, kaput, blondie, honesty,

    My wife and I personally want to thank you guys for being so on top of this issue. If we can see the WT now more clearly than ever before it is because we are standing on the shoulders of giants. (little plagerism there).

    We sincerely mean it though. I took my "pen name" ---uninformed-- from what you guys did for us--UN--Informed.

    While we had developed a 20 year and more long dissatisfaction with the WT, it was the UN deal and your posts and the web links that became the final straw (more like a truckload of straw) that broke our back.

    The WT finally became to us a filthy, lying, whore. A whore that uses her victims and then throws them away. A whore that disfellowships people for catching her having immoral intercourse.

    How many ways can you say filthy?

    Brant and Karen Jones

    Kansas City, Kansas

  • AuldSoul


    In other words , the UN only asked for a CONDITIONAL acknowledgement of its principles. As stated , this position changed in 1994-6.

    As you have stated, Dozy, the WTS didn't attach itself to the UN. Therefore, I have to ask: What bearing does this ECOSOC Resolution possibly has on the Criteria for Association that was established by the DPI Committee on NGOs?

    You are using something decided by Resolution in 1968 that applied to all UN agencies and Departments and trying to twist it into the shape of the Criteria for Association. That is an out-and-out fabrication. In 1991 the first criterion of the Criteria for Association reads as follows:

    That the NGO share the principles of the UN Charter;

    It doesn't say anything more, it doesn't say anything less, and the principles of the UN Charter are found in Chapter 1, Article 2 of the Charter.

    But lets examine what the WTS says about nominal support, which would be merely acquiescence to these principles in question:

    The Worship of the “Wild Beast”—Why True Christians Refuse
    The book of Revelation reveals that pressures would be applied to earth’s inhabitants to become worshipers of the Devil-controlled “wild beast.” We are informed that all persons would be put under compulsion—“the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.”—Rev. 13:16, 17.
    The “mark” of the beast would identify the one having it as belonging to that “wild beast,” giving it full support. Ellicott’s Bible Commentary notes that the mark ‘surely means the acquiescence to the principles of this tyrannical world-power.’

    Do you imagine this is new light? (w76 10/15 p. 633)

    acquiescence (àk´wê-ès´ens) noun
    1. Passive assent or agreement without protest.
    2. The state of being acquiescent.
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    Main Entry: ac·qui·esce
    Pronunciation: "a-kwE-'es
    Function: intransitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): -esced; -esc·ing
    Etymology: French acquiescer, from Latin acquiescere, from ad- + quiescere to be quiet -- more at QUIESCENT

    : to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively -- often used with in and sometimes with to
    synonym see ASSENT
    Merriam-Webster Online, acquiesce

    Now, if (1) tacit submission, (2) passive submission, (3) acceptance, or (4) compliance coincide with the concept of conditional acknowledgement, then even using your argument they received the mark of the Wild Beast.

    I will also bother to point out that you mentioned that consultation should be sought out only on subjects for the organization has x. That describes the conditions under which the UN and its departments would seek consultation, it is not descriptive at all of the organization or its degree of acceptance of the principles of the UN Charter.

    I didn't actually ignore any of the statements in the ECOSOC Resolution. I just know that since that Resolution has no bearing whatsoever on the Criteria for Association present in 1991 at the time of application to become an Associate member to the UN/DPI, it is pointless to bring into the discussion.


  • uninformed


    In my haste to post a while ago, I included you in a short list of "poztates". I want to apologize for the oversight.

    I wonder if you would mind supplying your name and address and your congregation to me so that I can write your Body Of Elders and tell them what a fantastic job you are doing defending the WT's dalliance with the UN?

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    Note that (in the above letter) even the WT admits: "Still, the Criteria for Association with DPI contain some language that we cannot subscribe to."

    Therefore, the issue is the specific "Criteria for Association with DPI" which from what I have read seems to have been the same in the year when the WT became associated as when they became disassociated.

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    This link might be of some help @


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