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  • unclebruce

    Is that it? Geez I thought it'd go on for at least two more pages - damn and no horney seven headed dragons either

    I think Lord, JAHASEWER MISCHIEVIOUSANDFULOFITYOUARE is ripp'n you off girl!

  • JamesThomas

    Dear Shelby,

    I work a small farm with horses and chickens and many things which require my care and attention. During my work my mind is generally still. There is no mental story or drama. I am open to the animals, plants and environment that I may be receptive to their gentle lessons on being present in the moment. In this quiet mood I spent a moment on my computer and read your personal message asking if it was alright for you to respond publicly. Honestly at that moment I didn't know what to answer, so I went on to other things that needed attention with intent of getting back to you a little later. When I did return you had already made this post. It's not a problem.

    Life and nature weave no drama. It simply is what it is. All the story, judgments and commentary happen in the mind; and we often come to believe that these abstract images and interpretations are what is real; and they are not. The mind has useful practical uses, but the reality of Life is way too vast for it to grasp.

    I privately messaged you those questions simply because it felt the proper way to do it at the moment. There was no ulterior motive, agenda or deceit for doing so privately.

    Many on this forum will attest to the fact that there is much pain and suffering due to belief in gods separate from us that require worship and acts of devotion. What I try to bring to the table are the seeds that hint of what is not separate; but rather is the uniting principle and true Identity of what we, one and all, really are. Questions that the mind can not really answer are often useful in quieting the mind enough that consciousness may see past all words and thoughts to our silent and real identity.

    There are horses waiting to be brushed and have their hooves cleaned.


  • unclebruce
    There are horses waiting to be brushed and have their hooves cleaned.

    .. and much racking and shovelling of muck for the gardeners attend the roses soon.

  • kid-A

    Hi Shelby, Bob Ross here from PBS's "The Joy of Painting"... Your inspirational words have truly inspired me to paint a picture of you, JT and Jaheshua Mischaja taking a stroll through the horseshit fields on a

    warm, bright, sunny day! I will be selling the portrait soon on an upcoming PBS pledge drive! Hope to hear from you! -Bob

  • Woodsman


  • Mystery

    Uncle bruce and Kid A – and Aguest (you are not acting like any guest I would welcome into my home!)

    I am going to respond to this because I know JamesThomas will not say anything derogatory to you. Apparently you have not read very many of JamesThomas previous post; you are attacking a man that either 1) you care nothing about knowing 2) your biased, arrogant, condescending attitude simply shows your incapability of understanding anything beyond “your little box”.

    I would shovel horse sh*it with him any day of the week before I would spend one minute with the attitude of yours.

    Apparently you don’t know what shoveling horse sh*it can do for you. It can calm a distraught mind. It can enhance the sounds of the earth. It can teach you patience, understanding and a deeper appreciation of love of the world. You can glance up and see a mother and her foal looking at each other and smile a simple smile that has more meaning than anyone would be capable of understanding because it could never be explained. You learn to appreciate the little things.

    Maybe you three are simply to young to understand that regardless of your actual age.
    To me, JamesThomas is the only one on this board that always sees the good in everyone and the one that says something “nice” about everyone or he simply doesn’t say anything at all.
    We could all take a lesson in the attitude of JamesThomas.


  • Terry

    Peas to everyone and plenty of carrots!

    Deer ones, it behooves me to interrupt the sweet flow of genteel conversation so that I might rub my antlers against this tree of contention.

    James Thomas hasn't a mean bone in his entire lanky body; only muscle and gristle and a spirit as mild as a Marlboro with a filter.

    J.T. has reached a quietude in his life the rest of us can only stand and admire the way small children will watch a particularly dazzling sunset.

    Aguest, on the other hand, I'm not too sure of.

    I'd say he needs a band-aid on his ego. Or, better yet, maybe he should put it outside like an old frazzled cat at bedtime.

    Looks to me like baiting James Thomas is the sport he's after. And it lacks for skill in the doing.

    A private conversation is private for a reason: to exchange information modestly without audience.

    A public debate is usually mostly muscle-flexing and bad breath disguised as honest inquiry or righteous indignation.

    At any rate, people whose god is so small (or their sense of that god) he can be injured by opinion is small indeed.

    I like my pet rat, but, the neighbor thinks of it as vermin. Maybe I can get him out in the street in front of the neighborhood and challenge him to answer for

    this insult!!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Deer ones, it behooves me to interrupt the sweet flow of genteel conversation so that I might rub my antlers against this tree of contention


  • kid-A

    Dearest Mystery, I humbly apologize for my shenanigans! Please, in the name of Jeshuah Mischach, accept these humble gifts as a peace offering!!

    much love, kid-A !!!

  • JamesThomas

    To everyone who bestowed kind words and support I would like to thank you. It was quite a surprise. To dear Shelby, I would like to sincerely apologies for upsetting you. Sometimes the avatar I use is too, too fitting.

    I was wrong in too strongly pressing my point of view with you and belittling your deities. In the end it is not the form or formlessness we choose to adore, but rather our earnestness and sincerity, which you, dear Shelby, have in spades. Thank you dear, for helping me see that my room for learning has in no way come to an end.

    I have a single teacher; a teacher with many faces. One of those faces is a beautiful lady who I used to sit with years ago in her home in Berkeley California. She is what some people call "enlightened", in that she is continually aware of the boundless reality of being. She looks at you with the clear and beautifully expansive eyes of an infant that has not yet been programed and confined into the dualistic paradigm of individual self and other. When she looks at you, there is no wall of separation and defense. In that moment you are her universe in which she is in love. She is truly and beautifully alive.

    One day I went to her with something I discovered within meditation that I felt was important. Rather than applaud me as I expected, she pooh-poohed it as if it was nothing. I acted as if I was OK with it and left shortly after thinking she did not notice my anger and hurt. The next time I visited her, she immediately starting laughing saying "Boy were you pissed last time you left here!" So much for my clever cover-up. She went on to say how glad she was that I became angry because it meant we were reaching areas of great significance; and she ask me what it was I was protecting that caused offense. (I no-longer remember what it was).

    It's very important, she explained, to honestly and tenaciously investigate into our bag of things that cause psychological defenses to erupt, for it is these cherished objects or fragments which we build our false identity around and so become a big part of what blinds consciousness to the never-ending wholeness and purity of being. When the truth is discovered, it is so all inclusive and huge, she said, that there is nothing left to protect or to cause psychological offence.

    It's amazing the little things and beliefs we horde and cherish. Even things we feel are very good. Yet, it is surrender of what is personal and special that opens our eyes to what is without end. Few are willing to let go of what can be held on to. I have had much troubles with it as well. One of the things which I find offensive is when people seem to reduce the Divine down to a thing or personal deity which steals it away from all but some "deserving" ones. It's time I got over it, and allowed the universe of diverse peoples to be . For in truth, none of us are separate or alienated from the boundless Source of all things. Except, for maybe, Unclebruce.


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