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    May you have peace!

    I have been privileged to be able to answer your questions to me, posed in private under IM. I answered your IM with the request to respond publicly to your questions, and in light of the fact that you have neither granted nor denied me that request, I will take your silence as permission (or, at least, a lack of objection) and respond as set forth below. If, by some chance, I offend your sense of privacy, I sincerely apologize, for that is not my intention at all; rather, I feel your questions too important to go unanswered, as well as obscured from the eys of others who might be interested. With you "implied" permission, then, I respond as follows:

    What does your JAH of Armies, and His Son and Christ JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, and all their laws and dictates exist within?

    With regard to "all their laws and dictates," please know that in TRUTH, and contrary to what most (including professed "christians") think, there are only two, dear James: (1) to love God with your whole heart, whole soul, whole mind and whole, strength… and (2) to love your neighbor… which includes your flesh/family, your enemies… indeed, one another… as you love yourself . The whole "law" that you may be refering to is summed up in these two.

    As for what my Father and my Lord exist "within," there is also two answers: nothing… in the manner which you imply... for nothing can "contain" either one; otherwise, they reside, dwell, live, exist… in me and all of those who belong to Christ, as members of the Body of Christ, the "holy place" that God inhabits… by spirit. God is a Spirit, dear James, as is Christ, and spirits aren't easily contained. When they are, however, it is God who causes such containment. You and I… are contained. In "long garments of skin," flesh… with its blood. We, too, then, are spirits, hidden in earthen vessels, the "garment" that is earthly, terrestrial: flesh… with its blood.

    What does all limited definable phenomenal objects and drama exist within?

    Your description should tell you: all that is limited and definable… exists within that which is physical, i.e., having material existence, perceptible especially through the senses and subject to the laws of nature, measurable… by weight, motion, and resistance, characterized or produced by the forces and operations of physics.


    Our error, dear one, our "human" error, is assuming that that which is physical is all there is. The truth is, however, that that which is physical… indeed, all physical existence, is only the copy of the reality. And what is the reality? That which is spiritual, which is NOT limited, unbound… and yet, definable.

    What is the foundational essence of all time, space dimensions and universes?

    The One that is called the Holy One of Israel, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH: Christ, of course! On him, all creation was founded. While it was created in "Sarah", it was generated through him, indeed by means of him… for him.

    What do they flow from and return to?

    Surely you know! They flow from the Most Holy One of Israel, the One whose name is JAH… of Armies. They flow through His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. And they return to JAH in the same way: through His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. Truly, there is no other way.

    What is the actuality and truth of your being? of every being? even the being and existence of gods?

    Christ. He is the Way… the Truth… and the Life. All of the truth that I am, I am because of him and his residency in me. By means of him, all creation came into being. Do I mean that he created? Nope, for creation produces something from nothing, brings into existence the original. I mean that he is the conduit by means of which JAH brought all things into existence. Using him, God brought everything else into existence, generated everything else. Including the being and existence of gods (and yes, there are many gods).
    What does your visions arise in?

    They "arise" in spirit, in truth, and in light. Thus, they "arise"… in Christ. For they are a gift granted me by my Lord, one of discerning spirits. I see them… I hear them. I am not restricted from their world, but have been granted entry from time to time.

    Where are the words and forms of your gods found?

    Again, in light… and truth. Both the words and the forms of my Father and my Lord were founded… in light, which is truth, and truth… which is light.

    In what do all people, animals and things share?

    Omigosh, many things! We share breath, thus we share life. We all die, thus we share death. We share love… and we share hate. They for us, we for them, and vice versa. And yes, animals can love… and they can hate… just as we can. There is no difference between their spirit and ours: the eventuality is the same - we all return to the dust. The difference… is in our vessels: theirs is of one type, ours of another. But we also share something that most people don't recognize: the ability… and desire (or the lack thereof)… to praise JAH. Thus, the Psalmist wrote: Let every living thing praise JAH!" Indeed, let every living BREATHING thing… praise JAH!

    In what does all universes and gods exist? What unites all in a single Wholeness?

    The former were created in and came out of the "womb" of the Woman, God's "free" wife, Jerusalem Above (Sarah). In her womb, the

    And it is Christ himself that unites. For just as all things were created by means of him, all things will be brought back into that single wholeness… the womb of the Woman, the place of origin of all creation, whether physical or spiritual… the TRUE Ark of the Covenant… by means of him.

    What is so vastly holy and pristine as to never move or speak; yet all movement and sounds happen within?

    I believe you are referring to "the mind;" however, I would disagree with you, first as to its (the mind's) holiness and pristine-ness, and second, as to whether it is the mind at all that you mean… but the heart.

    What excludes nothing?

    God, first, then Christ. In that order, however, because God is… without Christ… but Christ is not… without God.

    What holds the great drama of your dreams and visions? On what stage does your active mind dance?

    At the risk of appearing un-poetic, I would have to say my spirit, to the first question, and whatever stage I choose, to the second. My active mind has been granted to "dance" in this realm and the spirit one. Both dances are beautiful, however, because bought are founded in light and truth, and because both are danced in the joy of freedom. True freedom. There is nothing that binds my mind, nothing that chains it, nothing that holds it back. I am free to think, to dream, to be.

    Ask your gods what silently and unmovingly allows them and all else to be.

    The answer of my Father, as granted me through my Lord, is love. True love and not the "form" of it that most of us know. There is no law against love, there is no boundary to it, there is no limit to it.
    Ask them to show you what can not be named. Ask them to show you your true boundless Identity; your true Self which depends on nothing....not even them; your true Self which gives Life to all life.

    I have been shown the first, dear one, and the second. And I did not need to ask. However, my "true" self does indeed depend on them, for now. This, what you see in this world, in this vessel, is not the true me, not at all! The TRUE me is enslaved, by a vessel that needs, depends… on things of this world: food, clothing, water, shelter, sleep, bodily evacuation, blinking, itching and scratching, sneezing, you name it! That which I TRULY am has no need for any of these things. That which I TRULY am does not need to sleep, blink, evacuate, etc. It does, however, need to eat and drink, which ALL life… whether terrestrial or celestial… needs to do. And that is my dependence: the true food and true drink, which is the flesh and blood of Christ, the TRUE "manna"… that sustains my SPIRIT… the TRUE me… that resides in this temporary… dependent… and demanding… vessel.

    I am not ashamed of my dependency on my Lord, dear James T., no more than any child should be ashamed of their dependency on a parent or older sibling. I love him. He is not abusive; to the contrary, he is the epitome of love. My dependency is temporary, again, as with a parent and child. At such time as I am able to live… on my own… without the boundaries, restrictions and confines of the flesh… I am dependent. But I am, after all… still a child. While I am a full-grown person in the flesh, I would not arrogantly mislead you to believe that I am so… in spirit.

    There was one, however, that was ashamed of such dependency, indeed despised it, so that when he was invited to separate himself from it and become independent, he sold his own life, and that of his progeny, to do so.

    Anything your mind's visions, emotions or ego come up with, will not be the answer.

    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.

    What do these things exist in? What is not a thing?

    These "things" exist… within me, dear James. But know that, truly, all that is spiritual… that is, of the spirit… cannot be a "thing."
    What is the actual and real Source and Sustenance of everything?

    My Lord, JAHESHUA MISHAJAH, the Holy One of Israel, Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies. He is the Light and the Truth. He is the Tree of Life… SPROUT!... the True Vine… whose branches we are…. and whose leaves we must eat… in order for our SPIRITS to keep living. The flesh… is of no use… at all.

    What are you, really?

    I am a good-for-nothing-servant, a slave, and yet, a chosen person, dear one, chosen to be a "part" (i.e., foot, hand, ear, leg, what have you) in the the BODY of the Heavenly Source that is the "child" of God… of which my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH… is the Head. It is that entity, the FULL CHRIST… of which I am a "stone"… that is the TRUE temple in which God dwells. I am a "living stone" and, therefore, the , the "place" in which God resides, through Christ. And at such time as that temple is complete, and God's FULL spirit takes up occupancy and all that belongs to Christ is UNITED, I will, then… too… be the Source of Life. In this way, God will be all things in ALL people… and it will be THROUGH US… that all true life will exist.

    May you hear, dear James T., and get the sense of it. Trust in JAH with all your heart… and do not lean upon your own understanding. Know that if you are unable to see what I have shared with you, it is most probably because you are not going through the Door, who is recorded to have said: "No one comes to the Father… except through me…"

    Again, may the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies, and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, be upon you, if you so wish it.

    A slave of Christ,

    SJ (who has nothing to "hide")

  • poppers

    I hope JamesThomas sees your post and responds. I haven't seen him on JWD for some time and his absence is sorely missed. Edited to add: Knowing JT the way I do I am certain he already has peace

  • kid-A

    Dearest JT:

    Before considering joining the church of "God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies, and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH"

    I implore you to consider the magnificent beneficence of his holiness, the flying spaghetti monster. I myself have been touched by his noodly appendage and have been saved by his linguine-like grace and beauty. Only by surrendering to the Flying Spaghetti Monster shall we find true inner peace and culinary cosmic connectivity.....In addition, it is far simpler to pronounce MY gods name then "jaheshua mischajah" (WTF??)

    Oh holy flying spaghetti monster!! Bless us with your noodly grace!!! amen!!

  • Robdar

    at Kid-A.

    I lurrrv smart asses!

  • daystar

    How to be a pimp:

  • lola28
    Knowing JT the way I do I am certain he already has peace

    His words always make me feel a thousand times better, "breathe, breathe and just be."


  • trevor


    You seem to have missed the point of the questions asked by James. They were designed to make you ponder and question whether your definition of God is supported by an examination of true reality. They were meant to help in leading you to awareness .

    You seem to have used them as a platform for your personal beliefs views. I can understand why James tried to reach out to you in private. It would have been prudent to respond in kind.

  • poppers

    trevor, you have succinctly gotten to the root of it.

  • bebu
    an examination of true reality

    Here is the difficulty...

    An illiterate society could unaminously conclude that black marks on a paper are simply black marks. But to a literate person, the marks could be understood as a poem, story, or song. Which one is true reality?


  • james_woods

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a noise?

    As Jim once said on "Taxi" - "Of course it makes a noise. There just isn't anybody there to hear it."

    James, of the existentialist nihilst class.

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