If The Witnesses Started Going After You Now, What Would You Do?

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  • unclebruce
    ..then she told them in no uncertain terms that "no one" would tell her she couldn't associate with her son!

    Man, you're lucky to have a proper mum like that.

    I can only think of one reason they will generally 'come after' us and that's if we are having an effect on what they see as their sheep.

    I must say, I like the elegance of the guano solution lol.

    cheers, unclebruce

  • luna2

    I doubt they'd come after me...just not important enough (and I'm glad of it). If they did, however, my response would be based on how much they annoyed me.

    The "friends" used to stop by the store when I was working all the time...even when I was a dub in good standing, I didn't like it. One of my bookstudy conductors stopped by once to try to get me to buy into his pyramid scheme...guess he was getting complaints about brining it up before and after meetings. I'm glad the rest of the elders have never dropped in on me here.

  • minimus

    JWs ARE irritating, aren't they??

  • mrsjones5

    I'd get a big ole rottweiler and dare them to come in my yard.

  • upside/down

    I'm as civil as I would be with anyone...till you invade my "space".

    Then I use wit and sarcasm like a sword.

    Kinda like Devil the Satan...


  • daystar

    Well, I'd probably scare the bejeesus out of them. Hmmm... perhap I'd tell them that before we started in on His work, we should probably sanctify the area and perform a banishing ritual complete with chanting "Yoddd-Heeeh-Vavvvv-Heehhh..." and ritual dagger.

    I rather suspect I'd be blacklisted at the point, no?

  • lola28

    What FHN said.


  • willyloman

    I see that the responses fall into two categories:

    1. Yell, scream and threaten

    2. Say what FHN did

    I'm with FlyingHighNow. Bitterness and anger don't heal. After the tirade, you're still stuck with that anger and bitterness. What FHN does is take the moral high ground and let the dubs know that they reasons we had for leaving were both sound and conscientious.

    Since JWs claim to be an organization of conscience, this will resonate on some level. It may even bother them enough to sit with their own doubts and analyze them. Either way, you leave respecting yourself. That's very important in the long term healing process.

  • unique1

    I would be HBH, home but hiding.

  • Honesty

    I would tell them about someone they don't know or believe... Jesus.

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