Sister n law wacko. PLEASE! Need advice!

by annalice 59 Replies latest jw friends

  • James Free
    James Free
    How about a card of your own........

    That was funny. LOL

    You don't need a restraining order (What's with the rush to lawyers advice I see so often?) just tell her to butt out or ignore her.

  • MissBehave

    I'm curious as to how old this woman is. Her handwriting looks to be either that of a sixth grader or a psychopath. (Not that I have great handwriting or anything). And her little RSVP fourth grade check yes or no.

    There was a thread recently analyzing Russell's handwriting. Where's that guy? I'd be interested to see what his impression of hers is.

  • annalice

    Just responding back. MY sister-in - law is in her early thirties still lives at home ,never dated, been married ,and has no real social group of friends except her parents. The three of them go on trips , go out together, and that is her world. She has never been to happy that her two older brother went off and got married had kids and got lives of their own. She also refused to come to my baby shower and to see us in the hospital. When they all see the baby is when we go down to their house they never come here even though we are only 30 min away and they have an open invitation to visit us whenever they want. My husband and I are not idiots who need her telling us all this crap. Before we left I had been a full time pioneer and he was a M.S. we were on are way to moving up in the Org. and had both been in it since childhood.

  • kid-A

    I read the letter. The phraseology, bizarre lettering style and paranoia indicates moderate to severe schizotypal personality disorder.

    She needs professional help, in the meantime, keep her FAR away from your child. Religious fanaticism and psychopathy are separated by a very thin line. Remember Andrea Yates.

  • carla

    Just mark all envelopes, Return to Sender and keep her away from your child.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings annalice

    Just another example of a screwball twit attempting to fear-monger you back. Advice: Tell her to screw off


  • Finally-Free

    I,_______________________(print name)

    belive that I am:




    ___exercising my constitutional right to freedom of/from religion and not required to explain myself to every fuckup who butts into my personal business.

    Signatue_____________________________ date:______________

  • daystar

    She likely so wants you to go back to the meetings that she has resorted to trying emotional blackmail.

    It never ceases to amaze me how well so many JWs learned that skill from the meetings. I was no exception and it took me many years to get that under control.

    Your sister-in-law is simply following her JW programming. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.

  • undercover

    I've been thinking about this...

    The sis-in-law put in writing exactly what JWs are trained to think and believe about any who leave the religion. Most have the common decency to not go off on a tangent, though they do use passive aggressive means to accomplish the same thing, trying to shame the erring one into coming back into the fold.

    Maybe she is wacked, but the WTS is her enabler, giving her the courage to spout her rhetoric as if she is being inspired by God himself. The WTS shares as much blame in this as does her unstable mind.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    You could always get hubby to have a go at sis. Get him to bawl her out for sending cranky mail when you are still really tired and exhausted from having the baby, just to rub it in a bit ask her what kind of christian behaves like that!

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