Sister n law wacko. PLEASE! Need advice!

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  • beautifulisfree

    I gotta say I love the postcard idea!! Give her a taste of her own medicine.

  • Abaddon

    The woman is clearly several sandwitches short of a picnic. How about adding the option; _ Your sister Marking it, and ending it back? Taking the moral high-ground is such fun, it really pisses people off. Oh, I get letters with similar transition of case, written in various shades of purple or pink felt-tip (within one letter) with interlinear insertions in biro, from my ex-wife. Not about Dubbism, just about how everything is my fault. I'm saving them up in case I ever go to court, I can't wait to see the face of the judge...

  • defective light
  • Es


    Hehehe i like the other versions of the liitle so should send one back


  • xjwms

    She is a good reason.........

    I'd stay away from the corporation

    I can't believe her educated is she?

  • defective light
    defective light

    Ooops my bad..... hit wrong button.....

    Sis in law has some real prob's......does mom & dad keep her chained up in the backyard? does she bark at the neighbors? WTF?

    A response would only further her cause.......silence is golden.....

  • EAGLE-1

    Shark bait comes to mind...sorry I drifted off a shark baits still there....yea thats it, shark bait!!!!!!!!

  • juni
    Good gawd...The nerve of her....Tell her to go and suck a fart out of a dead seagull

    I was thinking the exact same thing, Legolas! How about that?!! That's a good one.

    But, in reality, I have to agree w/Josie about protecting your new baby - congratulations - from this looney woman. Also, w/Blondie about returning - unopened - her mail. Otherwise, you'll just get more steamed and that isn't good for you, your husband, or your baby. It just causes tension in the home. You have started a new life. Your family is better off w/o her in it.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The best advice you've gotten is to just ignore it. You can easily throw letters in the trash. If it were to progress to phone calls or stalking, then you'd have cause to get police involved. I find the advice to get the police involved over a couple of letters sad--as if they've nothing better to do (like fighting actual crimes?). Then you have these childish (albeit humorous) responses of sending her the same type of letter she sent you. Really, when a child smarts off to you, do you return in kind? Just ignoring her unless she gets aggressive is in the best interests of all involved.

  • loosie

    The suggestions to send a reply back to the sister in law, saying to check which one you are are really just ways to relive the stress that this kind of behavior causes.

    Send the mail back unopened. It will frustrate her that she has no way of getting under your skin.

    Listen to your motherly instincts though. The wording of her letter worries me. DON'T let your baby out of your sight with her around.

    I don't mean to sound cruel but I think your sister in law could use some medication.

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