Sister n law wacko. PLEASE! Need advice!

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  • annalice

    MY husband and I have not been to meetings for several years now. We have finally had our first child after 13 years of marriage. He is now 5 months old. My sister in law has started sending us letters about going back to the Org. and saving our babies life. I have photocopied the last letter she sent us from a few weeks ago and posted it with this message. I hope it comes through. When we recieved this letter that told us that we were commiting PRE-ARMAGEDON GHEHENA SUICIDE ! I put in in an envelope and sent it right back to her hoping she would get the point. I guess she did'nt. Yesterday we got another letter from her with photo copies of the book Organized to do Jehovahs Will. Pages 150/151, 155 ,156 & 157 She asked for us to please read these pages and decide if we cosidered ourselves either Marked ,Inactive or Dissassociated.She even took the time to cut out and make two cards for us that say

    I,_______________________(print name)

    belive that I am:




    Signatue_____________________________ date:______________

    She then asks that we return these cards to her in the pre-addressed and stamped envelopes she provided and that she would then pass them on to the elders.

    Now forgive me ,but what the!!!!!!? Isn't that something that if we wanted to do would be between us and the elders of OUR congregation? not hers? and is it any of her business what we consider ourselves? What we consider ourselves as is Good people who have decided not to raise their child in the org. but to raise him to be kind and accepting of all people and not to judge them based on their religous choice. Even if they choose to be a Witness. MY child WILL NOT BE BRAINWASHED. So , what should we do? contact her elders and tell them what she is doing ? Try to talk to her? (not that she would listen). I really don't know. Does anyone have any advice????? Me personally ? I'm thinking restraining order.

  • HoChiMin

    Send her an application to join the Taliban!


  • nicolaou

    Wow! Never heard of anything like this. My first thought was just to ignore her, obviously your new baby (congratulations) is the stimulus for her actions. But perhaps, if you can stomach it, you could invite her over for lunch with your husband, show off your baby and happy family life and give her something to think about.

    Good luck

  • blondie

    After 50 years in the Borg, I can say that she makes the top 1 of wacko JWs I have known or heard of. I wonder what she says to people at the doors to get them to listen to her "message"?

    Just send her communcations back unopened/unread from now on. Protect yourself.


  • Honesty
    Me personally ? I'm thinking restraining order.

    That may be the only way to keep her nose out of your personal business.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    She sounds like that "christian" woman from trading spouses !

    Send her a note back saying "Butt out of my life!"

  • Legolas

    Good gawd...The nerve of her....Tell her to go and suck a fart out of a dead seagull!

  • freedomlover

    Wow! yeah that is a wacko for sure.....and to think she has the nerve to feel she has to intervene to such an extent in your life! what a freak show!

    I have one friend that is just as wacky and I have only found one way to deal with this sort of person.

    Someone gave me great advice and I will pass it on to you. "You can't play tennis with someone if YOU don't serve the ball back."

    In other words, don't play the game with her. Ignore the letters, emails, phone calls. Change your number, close out email accounts, mark letters return to sender if you must. Don't give her the energy and ammunition to continue this sick game. I promise, if you can do this, it shuts them down instantly.

    Whatever you do, don't sign those handy, convenient little cards she so LOVINGLY made up for you! LOL! She doesn't know how she is supposed to feel about you so she wants you to make this easier for her and she wants you to give her a reason to not care about you anymore. Don't make it that easy for her.

    I can hear it now......"Well I've done everything I could to HELP them, and they just refused my HELP......." they play this game so THEY can feel better about themselves.

    Enjoy your new baby and they freedom you have to raise your child without a destructive cult's influence. BTW, welcome to the board!

  • undercover

    Wow. All I can say

    Is this sis-in-law your husbands sister? is so, he needs to make it plain to her, that her intrusion in these matters is not welcome nor will be tolerated. In any event, you and he need to make sure that you are in agreement in how any family member who unwelcomingly sticks their nose in your business will be handled, whether it's religious upbringing or any other matter. Then together, stick to that agreement and together show the intruding family member that you will not tolerate their intrusion or their behavior.

    The downside to that is that the wacko family member may drag elders into it. That's where it might get messy, but even then, if elders get involved you can claim that the family member's opinion and suggestions are not wanted nor welcome and they would appreciate it if the elders would speak to them about minding their own business, citing 1 Thessalonians 4:11.

    You may be shunned and you have to accept that possibility. But the protection and decent upbringing of your child is more important than the rantings and childish behavior of cult controlled zombies.

    Those are all the downsides. The upsides can be that some other family memebers are encouraged by your stance to take a stand for themselvs against oppressive family members and the organization.

  • Scully
    Me personally ? I'm thinking restraining order.

    The letter and the Easy-As-Pie-Disassociation Kit she sent you should be grounds enough to get a restraining order.

    First of all, you'll need to send her a notarized registered letter advising her that you consider her activity to be religious harassment and persecution and that you want her to cease and desist immediately. If she does not, you will take legal action to ensure your fundamental constitutional rights to freedom of worship and to protect the safety and security of your home and family.

    At the end of the letter, you could include a nice scripture from the NWT:


    Rbi8 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 ***


    However, with reference to brotherly love, YOU do not need us to be writing YOU, for YOU yourselves are taught by God to love one another; 10 and, in fact, YOU are doing it to all the brothers in all of Mac·e·do´ni·a. But we exhort YOU, brothers, to go on doing it in fuller measure, 11 and to make it YOUR aim to live quietly and to mind YOUR own business and work with YOUR hands, just as we ordered YOU; 12 so that YOU may be walking decently as regards people outside and not be needing anything.

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