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  • vitty

    Please dont be a fraud David..................I want the tower down so much...........

    Pm me i want to know.............................

  • Lord-Quad

    This should nail the coffin shut here... If you think I have done anything without the permission of a Federal Judge here in Roanoke, Virginia...I encourage you to report me to the F3ederal Authorities ASAP! As we all know, you can show concern to them Anonymously! :) If I have broken any law of any kind, #1 the sites will come down and I would face time! I am only a snitch on head quarters and no one else! I will not defame others on behalf of proven head quarters has been busted!

  • wednesday

    David, Hon, don't take this personal, but I think you may be a tad paranoid with a persecution complex and some visions of grandeur.

    But like everyone else, I like to dream too of someone somewhere who has one of the GB by the gonads. if only

  • Lord-Quad

    Turn me in to the Federal Authroties! Impersonating a Federal Officer, drunk or not is illegal! See if the web sites stay up and see if I am arrested :)

  • Lord-Quad

    http://www.fbi.gov/ Thats the link for the Federal Authorities, find the Agency in Roanoke, Virginia and turn me in! :) David L Carter, Roanoke, Virginia 24018 I mean business!

  • Midget-Sasquatch


    While I think your website is good, and I hope to see it grow and get alot of traffic, I don't buy your story. Keep the fantasizing to your rpgs.

  • Lord-Quad

    Thats fine, but the Watchtower Society of New York does :)

  • Lord-Quad

    I am not here to argue, you choose to believe what you like.

    After all of the mind games The Watchtower Society has played with everyone over the years, it only make sense that no one would believe it!

    But since you think I am lying, I beg you, to please turn me into the Federal Authorites for impersonating a Federal Agent online while drunk! Look in the previous post!

    Remember, you can report someone Anonymously!

    My name is David Carter of Roanoke, Virginia 24018

    webmaster of watchtower.cc

    Thank you for the compliments on the web site, and regardless of what you think of me, I challenge you to turn me in! Only a dumbass would ask someone to turn them in if they were not being honest! (no offense to any of you) You asked me to prove to you that I am in front of camera's). Only way to do that is ask you to turn me in because I will not share names of the ones that was in fact arrested!

  • Lord-Quad

    Beep, beep! Now that you know my name and address, prove Federal Camera's are not here!

  • Swan

    Welcome Lord Quad!

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