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  • Genesis

    All of this is very weird at least.

  • Beep,Beep

    ""I was just wondering what happened to Lord Quad? And this topic.""

    After reading it all, I think someone's been jerking our collective chain. I think we have been had.

  • Lord-Quad

    Load-Quad is no lord (its only my online gaming name when I have time to play that is)!

    As I stated I was drinking when I made those post regarding the Fed's etc. I am not with the Federal Authorities in the sense that I work for them, but I am in their protective custody as I have been since 2002!

    By being in PROTECTIVE Custody (I've never been arrested), I have been given certain privileges, one of those include having watchtower.cc and quad-central.com!

    As far as what is going on with the Federal Judge (Dorothy Tucker of Roanoke Virginia) and head quarters, I have no idea what she is doing to them, but I assure you, head quarters is very well aware they have been busted!

    Many have asked me what led to me being in protective custody, in order for one to be in protective custody, one's life would have to be in danger (eh hmmm).

    Thats all the comments I have at this time! As far as knowing what is going on at head quarters, it is vague right now, but one thing is for certain, head quarters will crumble!

  • under_believer

    It's a good site, but I have a few questions.

    1. How does "protective custody" allow you to commit crimes for which others have been punished? I don't consider any of that activity to be copyright infringement, but the Watchtower does and they have successfully forced sites down under that justification.
    2. Who is Dorothy Tucker? I can't find any evidence that a federal judge Dorothy Tucker exists anywhere.
    3. If you are so well protected and invulnerable, why is your site registered with Domains By Proxy instead of your real name?
    4. Your understanding of the legal system seems to be a little incomplete. Judges don't proactively "do" anything to anyone unless there is some legal case in progress. What is the case involved? These are matters of public record--not secret. You should be able to provide us with this information if in fact it is real.
  • Beep,Beep

    ""Who is Dorothy Tucker? I can't find any evidence that a federal judge Dorothy Tucker exists anywhere""

    Neither can I, not through Google or Ask.

    Wonder if this person is STILL under the influence?

  • Lord-Quad

    Wonder if it would be illegal to have a judges name on watchtower.cc without their permission and I wonder if the fed's would go after that person if they did in fact do this? Try it out and see :)

  • Lord-Quad

    one more thought, try to google David Carter and see if you can find the address :) Some already know it!

  • Lord-Quad

    Oops, I asked you to look for David Carter on Google.com without noticing the above post. I apologize! Lets see what happens to watchtower.cc ..please I beg you to report it to Watchtower Head Quarters! See if it comes down!

  • vitty

    David...............I googled David Carter and Dorothy the judge and nothing came up...............why should the WT be interested in you...........OK they did one on quotes but there are loads of sites on the Internet.........you have to let us know a little more............

    I hope you are right about the demise of the org....but.......

  • Beep,Beep

    ""try to google David Carter ""

    Would that be David Carter the English golfer or David Carter the New Zealand politician or David Cater an Alberta politician or David Carter, Royal designer for industry or David Carter American teacher?

    Sorry but I think you are a fraud. Your federal judge is non existent. The name you gave comes up with too many different people. Are you still drinking?

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