Witnesses NEW attitude toward Marijuana!!!

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  • gumby
    plus another 99 for every person your a caregiver for...

    Yip. Do you know how many people you can be a caregiver for?

    BTW.....nice to meet you Openfireglass.

    Your name didn't come from where I think it did.....now did it?


  • OpenFireGlass
    Do you know how many people you can be a caregiver for?

    Depends on who your lawyer is... Your best bet would be Manny Daskal (707) 443-9842

  • OpenFireGlass

    or if you really got the $$$$... Ed Denson... this guy even got a judge to return the "medication" to the patient......

  • gumby

    Thanks for the info OpenFireGlass

    A friend of mine ( not a witness) gave a good explanation the society should have used when dealing with mind altering drugs and the difference between abusing them and using them for a needed purpose and not for recreation. She said the below,

    "What they *mean* to say is that a person who is in a positive spiritual condition and who must then use mind-altering substances for a purpose which is scripturally acceptable (legal medicinal use) is much less likely to be attacked by godless entities and, if they are, will be in line for protection from the God whom they serve".

    This made sense to me from a dubs....or a christians point of view.



  • unclebruce

    Veeery interesting thread.

    I chewed betel nut 'by mistake' in PNG. It's very widely used there for it's mild narcotic effect but not good for your teeth .

    ah those were the days .. a 16 year old pioneer in PNG .. plenty of respect and a pie washed down with a beer or two at lunchtime lol.

  • stevenyc

    From personal experience I can totally recommend a little mary jane to help you through the meetings. If your brave enough, try answering up a couple of times. It's f**king funny. You never know how long you've had the microphone stick, stuck in your face.


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