Witnesses NEW attitude toward Marijuana!!!

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  • gumby

    Most of us remember the society's viewpoint of using Marijuana. Countless of articles condemed the drug saying it was mind altering and allowed a place for the demons.

    Articles were abundant concerning the greek word "pharmakia"..or druggery and included Marijuana as being a part of that.

    But alas! New laws have come out allowing the usage of Marijuana with a prescription from a doctor. People can grow and smoke marijuana legally in many states although the federal government can overide the state ...if it deems fit( such as busting commercial growers who use it for profit.)

    What is the stance of the witnesses now? I don't know how the society views "legal usage" of the plant.....but I DO KNOW many witnesses who now feel as long as it is not breaking the law and one has a legal prescription....it's just fine and dandy.

    The question is........what happened to the demon influence idea among the witnesses if one uses the drug? Do the demons see that a person that has a legal prescription....and so they now leave this person alone? Do demons also now abide by government laws? What happened to their old idea's regarding this drug?


  • daystar

    *tap-tap-tap* We're waiting...

  • stevenyc

    GumMan, The use of all drugs is bad! You smoke-a-toke and your having a demon fiesta in you brain. I was thinking this while my father was knocking on heavens door with terminal cancer. He was in tremendous pain, and was administered heaps of liquid morphine. Tripped his nuts off with the stuff. Satan must of had a field day with this faithful one.


  • DanTheMan

    I've wondered myself how the elders would deal with a JW who was smoking pot to alleviate chemotherapy side-effects, and if having a RX for it would tip the disfellow-whip scales in one direction or the other.

  • moomanchu

    They would probably allow it in digestable form.

    smoking would be harming your body.

  • Odrade

    I agree, the more liberal minded ones would probably split hairs over the delivery method. But remember there are many JWs, (and ex-JWs) who still believe that anyone who uses marijuana is a complete loser and idiot. If one of those guys is sitting on your JC, I don't think you'd stand a chance, legal or not.

  • Scully
    smoking would be harming your body.

    and terminal cancer is not?

    ::: mutters Watchtower [email protected]$$es under her breath :::

  • upside/down

    I was fucked up (legally) on Oxycontin for two full years...to treat a broken neck.

    That stuff is 1MILLION times more potent than MJ...and didn't even get so much as a hanshake for any deeemun.

    They're so fucked up.


  • gumby
    They would probably allow it in digestable form.

    smoking would be harming your body.

    I agree with this also as to a witnesses viewpoint.

    Odrade....it would be interesting to ask a few elders of their opinion eh? I'll bet you'd get a different answer each time with a different twist. Since there has not been anything published recently on this matter.....elders have no direction other than using old material.

    Where the hell is Blondie when you need her? BLONDIE ..........oh BLONDIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That outta get her attention eh?


  • blondie

    Think about it, gumby and everyone, the WTS has never said that taking a drug was wrong as long as it was prescribed legally to you by a doctor or legal equivalent to treat you for an illness.

    Thus if marijuana were made legal by the government where you live (or where you are going to use it), that it would be no different than heroin, morphine, cocaine, if it were used to treat a JW for an illness.

    The issue seems to be the delivery process.

    With tobacco, does the WTS consider it "wrong" just if you smoke it or is "chewing" tobacco just as bad in their eyes? Thus in this case "smoking" the issue with the WTS.

    *** w84 6/15 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***

    Even if someone regularly smoked cigarettes made from another plant—be it marijuana, lettuce, corn or something else—inhaling smoke day after day is unnatural. Do you not agree that inhaling any smoke regularly would pollute the lungs and likely could imperil one’s health? So whether the smoke be from tobacco, marijuana, or some sort of nicotineless cigarettes, smoking simply is inappropriate for people who want to live in accord with the counsel at 2 Corinthians 7:1.—Compare Romans 12:1.

    Many drugs are poison in their natural state and are processed and used in amounts that are therapeutic in intent. Consider cancer treatments Thus even if marijuana had side effects or danger connected to it, if used legally medicinally how would it be any different?

    I will tell you that the US government and other governments are not backing away from marijuana being a dangerous drug easily. I understand Canada has taken some more forward steps in medicinal use.

    But with the WTS, I see this in the "beard" category. Even if medicinal marijuana use were legal and the delivery process was some way other than smoking, I would see the WTS still forbidding to its members because of the WTS perceived negative connotation connected to it.

    Blondie (not a doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief)

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