It's High Time I Introduce Myself

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  • lostlantern

    607 started it for me as-well, It was very upsetting not to find anything to back it up within secular history.

  • TooOpinionated

    Welcome! That was a truly moving story. I can't wait to hear more.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings & welcome Lady Liberty,

    May you and your husband find true liberty out side of the Borg. The same as has happend to you, has happend to our family. My family and myself were very active. I was an MS for years. My wife aux. pioneered many many times, with three children. We did all, and believed all for years, hook line and sinker.

    The teachings back then are not what caused us to start to waiver, but the nepotism, politics, and being bent over, if you will by the "leaders", and all the shananigans that went on were the reason for our vexation. Anyway long story short. We are all out. Hope you find this board comforting


  • unclebruce

    wow awesome post LL,

    welcome aboard



    Tao Te Ching 45

    Great straightness seems twisted,

    Great intelligence seems stupid,

    Great eloquence seems awkward.

    Movement overcomes cold Stillness overcomes heat,

    Stillness and tranquillity set things in order in the universe.

    Lao Tsu 600BC

  • anewme

    Welcome Lady Liberty!

    (and I love your name too!)

  • alamb

    Thank you for your story. It is so nice to hear that all the work put into the posts here and all the sharing of our lives is helping someone. I look forward to hearing more from you and your husband!

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum Lady Liberty, it's astonishing how you previously fanatical JWs came to see the truth about the WTS that their ideology is in fact a web of deception to catch the naive.

    Almost certainly Russell was a high ranking free mason and despite his saintly appearence he was closely involved with the occult but for the record's sake he got the 1914 from the adventist Barbour though he tried to confirm it as you said by using pyramidology and astrology.

    Rutherford was also involved in occultism he communicated with angels and had ouija boards in Bethel until he died. Thus for around 60 years (1880 - 1942) the WTS was steeped in occultism. Perhaps Franz and Knorr carried on in secret the same activities, though publicly denouncing them.

  • ferret

    Welcome LadyLiberty. Loved your story

  • SickofLies

    Welcome to the board!

    Great story! Google saved me too! I really started questioning the bOrg to, but it wasn't until I finally got up the courage to research the society on the internet that I was finally able to dispell all the fear they drum into your head over the years.

    As Morphous said to Neo: Welcome to the real world!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Incidently, doctrinal issues such as the 607 belief system, is something I'm not very good at. If I give you my moms email address, would you be willing to send your testimony to her?


    Would you mind just copy and pasting my experience to her? Much of what I found helpful on 607 was found on Watchtower Research by Alan F. I am not as computer savy as I wish I was, and I am concerned about my identity being protected, in case she were to share it with her elders. Once I am "officially out", I won’t worry and would be more than happy to directly correspond.

    Here's a question that you might want to investigate... what DID happen concerning Israel in 607 BC, according to 'regular' historians?


    Nothing of note, that I have discovered for Israel.

    Have you read any Dan Browns books?


    No, but I will definitely check them out. Thank you.

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