Its a Wonderful Life-----share your JOY!

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  • anewme

    Uncle Bruce, isnt it wonderful to be able to enjoy the outdoors and not have to rush back to give a talk in some KH?

    I envy your adventurous life UB!

    See the world!!!

    Hey everybody it is a beautiful world out there!

    Lots of great things are going on out there!

    Its not healthy to dwell on the negative things. Its bad bad bad for you.

    So go out there and enjoy this day and your life!


  • anewme

    Hawkeye I like the butterfly analogy. A butterfly is light and flits here and there wherever its heart takes it. It does no harm and enjoys the light and sunshine.

    Now we can make alot of our own decisions and go here or there and enjoy the sunshine on our shoulders with our loved ones on the weekends.

    Our hearts are not weighed down with guilt or never doing enough to satisfy the Watchtower god. We float with hearts set free!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    No way you would EVER get me in a sea kayak off the coast of Oz

    I saw Jaws at a really early age and it ruined my life as far as sea sports go. I did the Great Barrier Reef but I was constantly on the look out for sharks

  • GentlyFeral


    The kids are quiet...uh oh

    Ahhh, I remember those days. Good times!

    Well, let's see.

    • There's my work blog.
    • I get to read and learn from anythingI want to!
    • My wonderful eccentric husband, son and daughter.
    • This wonderful earthy-flavored bowl of quinoa I'm eating for breakfast.
    • Even though I live in a trailer park, there is a wonderful little posh produce store across the street, a nice little health food store about a mile away, and a place where I can get mahi-mahi (frozen, but still very good) for under $4/lb.
    • Sex. Yum.
    • Getting on the radar of people I respect and admire.


  • Finally-Free

    I have a measure of peace in my life now - no one is chastising me every time I turn around. I have few friends, but that is a huge increase compared to when I was a JW when I had none. I have more free time to pursue my goals as well as time to relax. I don't have to spread lies, and I don't have to listen to the malicious gossip of JWs any more. When I make decisions in my life, I no longer have to take the consciences of weak minded people into account. I no longer have to hide my opinions from others. I no longer have to hide reading material that others might consider inappropriate.


  • unclebruce
    No way you would EVER get me in a sea kayak off the coast of Oz

    I saw Jaws at a really early age and it ruined my life as far as sea sports go. I did the Great Barrier Reef but I was constantly on the look out for sharks

    LOL! Rather be out there than hang'n out under bridges with crazy plonkers! unclebruce.
    AFTER THOUGHT: May we now have a moments silence for all the jw-ex-jw plonkers hanging out under bridges right now. Noel Roberts (TAS), Bill Metcalf (Adelaide - Sydney)

    Tao Te Ching 45

    Great straightness seems twisted,

    Great intelligence seems stupid,

    Great eloquence seems awkward.

    Movement overcomes cold Stillness overcomes heat,

    Stillness and tranquillity set things in order in the universe.

    Lao Tsu 600BC

  • greendawn

    Travelling around with a camper van seeing lots of places with friends without paying an arm and a leg, no accomodation fees and with cooking facilities in the van no need to spend a lot of money to eat out. You also have total mobility no need to rely on trains and buses (coaches) you go anywhere any time you want. We often light fires to cook outside when it's safe and legal.

    Overall it's nice to be in the world so you can pick and choose what you personally like and reject what you personally dislike. Obviously the world is not angelic but neither is it nearly as bad as the JWs make it out to be.

  • anewme

    Finally Free, you made me think how much more sensual my life is now.

    We have maybe 4 windchimes outside to celebrate the wind! (something my elder husband forbade)

    We have a sun god face in the patio to remind us how much we rely on the beautiful sun!

    We eat by hearthfire and candlelight every evening without having to rush off to a dull religious meeting.

    We associate only with those who respect us and our freedom to live the way we want.

    And we can talk about and enjoy as much SEX as we want day or night without feeling the least bit uneasy about it because its natural and to be enjoyed!!!!!

  • anewme

    Greendawn, you are so right! Camping is one of lifes joys! Travelling around and seeing the sights!
    Ah, I can just feel the relaxation!!!

  • liquidsky

    Since leaving the borg, my depression is gone, I no longer live in fear of armageddon. I can sleep in on Saturday &Sunday! I have time to enjoy life doing the things that make me happy like working ouside in my flower gardens, travelling, hiking, reading. I have a satifying career. My husband and I built our dream home 2 years ago and wake up every morning to a beautiful sunrise over Mt. Ranier. I would have never been able to live here if I was still working as a janitor cleaning medical buildings. I love being able to give to charities of my choice. I have a wonderful husband who loves life as much as I and we have plenty of time for eachother.

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