What is the best question to ask a j.w. during a Bible study?

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  • hubert

    Last year, I dropped by my daughter and son -in-laws' house just when they were having a Bible study, and I was invited to "sit in" on it, and be an observer.

    I didn't ask any questions, because I was not prepared for this event, so I "behaved' and just listened.

    If I would find myself in this predicament again in the future, I wonder what question I would bring up that they would have difficulty answering, to show how the Watchtower lies to new converts and worldly people when teaching them?

    I have a couple of ideas....

    1. What is "Theocratic Warfare"?

    2. If a baptised j.w. left the religion for any reason, would he/she be shunned by all baptised j.w.'s in good standing, including all baptised j.w. family members?

    What do you think? Are these good questions?

    Do you have any more that would make the converts think about what they are getting into?


  • blondie

    First, you want to avoid raising the "apostate" flag which can happen with some questions.

    Second, try for a question that requires that you both use the Bible to discuss rather than any outside material including WT publications.

    That could be hard. I would stick to the points being discussed in the study if I could.

    Here's a question that I found in one reference:

    Why is it that every passage in the NT (Christian Greek Scriptures) that speaks of being born again says that ALL WHO BELIEVE IN JESUS can be born again, with no mention of limiting this experience to a mere 144,000 people? (If the JW argues about this, ask him or her to show you a single passage that limits this experience to the 144,000)

    (Read John 5:1---Everyone who believes....; John 3:1-21, verses 3,7...then 'whoever believes in Him"; John 1:12,13...even to those who believe in His name)

  • trevor


    Let me take you through it.

    Any attempt to ask questions will be met with response,'I ask the questions.' The purpose of a JW Bible study is not to ask questions but to answer them.

    But fear not, each answer is written above the questions you will be asked. You Will be encouraged to prepare in advance of the study, so you can learn the answer. If you refuse to answer the prepared answer, you willl be told, 'We have ways of making you answer.'

    'It is not really a study but a question and you answer indoctrination session. Do not mess with these people they have order from the top and will stop at nothing to win your mind. Hope this helps.

  • RubaDub

    Since we are having a "Bible" study, why aren't we studying from the Bible ?

    Rub a Dub

  • wombat

    Hubert...You are on the ball...Q #2 is enough.

    Others will hopefully come up with heaps of other ideas But the board is very slow and boring tonight which suggests, being the week-end, that all the ex-JWs are out enjoying hedonistic pleasures.

    If you don't get a sensible response tonight don't hesitate in bumping this thread tomorrow.

    Hub ( may I call you Hub? I guess not - it sounds silly - but Australians naturally shorten a person's name).

    Hubert....The JWs will have a reply to every technical question as regards past mistakes in their prophecies..the "light growing brighter etc.." so don't even try.

    The shunning is such an enormous blackmail....Just read back through this site to see how much pain, suffering and suicides it has caused.

    I believe that if the Watch Tower Society dropped it's policy of shunning ex-members they would immediately lose over half of their current membership. It's this blackmail that's keeping them in.

    Yeah....stick with Q #2............And don't cop the "gotta keep the org. clean" crap. That just means that once in you are forbidden to think for yourself ever again.


  • blondie

    That is true, that you are not invited necessarily to aks questions, but studies with individuals are less structured than at the KH or the book study where there is a group and a set number of paragraphs to cover. Most people who ask questions outside the material then are invited to discuss them afterwards with the conductor or another JW.

    My experience is that there is no set amount of material assigned by the WTS for a home study and that if a person can't get questions answered in this more informal setting, then when will they...never. I didn't do that way. But I would not cover more than one extra question at a time in one study period.

    Don't consider it an all or nothing situation, too, hubert. If you have been able to share some scriptures and they aren't comfortable, just let it go for another time. Say you would be very interested in seeing the scriptures they have; don't let them put you off or "forget" to come back. You have a two-fold goal, getting your family to think about it as well as the JW.

    Love, Blondie

  • carla

    I like RubaDubs answer. LOL. Ever notice how jw's have 'book studies' and Christians have 'Bible studies'?

    Blondie's answer is a good one but they usually come up some convoluted answer that makes no sense. I don't think it makes much sense to them either because they usually change the subject or ask you, 'what?!! I suppose you believe in the trinity and hellfire?!!' Maybe that's just been my experience but when they can't answer that seems to be a common retort of theirs.

  • blondie

    I might add, based on carla's comment, that I was a JW once and was asked to prove that Jesus was Michael the archangel. I gave my "convoluted" answer but walked away wondering if "I" even believed that and why. I hadn't even convinced myself. That stayed with me for about 10 years and opened the way for me to question other things the WTS taught. So don't worry that the JW doesn't seem to accept your explanation, you never know what the future holds for that JW based on your comments.


  • unique2u

    When I was studying (never baptized) we were studying the blood chapter I asked if organ transplants were ok (this was way before I even went on the internet to these "apostate sites") and I got the "the conscience decision answer", I then asked, "but how can an organ be accepted in good conscience because wouldn't there be blood products from the donor in that organ, such as liver, lung, heart? I cant' imagine ALL the blood being sucked out.." I'm not a med student so I have absolutely NO idea what happens during a transplant.. The eyebrows raised, I watched the 2 look at each with the deer in the headlights look and was told they'd have to research publications and speak to others and get back to me... Never did get an answer on that one...

  • carla

    Blondie's right, plant a few seeds with questions they may have a hard time believing but only do so because they 'must'. I don't even try to talk scripts with mine lately. Only will ask one simple question and leave it alone. (if the subject even comes up)

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