Meeting Survival Guide – Games to play

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  • jgnat

    Hey! I'm the Queen of the speedy verse checker game! I didn't learn it at the KH though. Evangelicals love doing this, too. My trick is to scribble the verse down quick and THEN look it up. I rarely get lost. My speedy reference skills come in handy here on JWD. Google is my best friend.

    Blank notebook and pencil. My mind is still my own and I allow it to wander where it will. Besides, absently shuffling to the "right" page of the WT allows me to subtly broadcast the value I put on that publication.

    Here's a variation of bible tradesies. Arrive early and put random spare publications on the best aisle seats. By the way, Evangelicals have a larger variety of ego-bibles to choose from than the JW's. Usually a two-pound leather bound monster with the proud owner's name embossed in gold and a hand quilted protective cover.

    Wink at babies. I've distracted more than one fussy baby and saved it an unpleasant trip to the back room.

    Wandering hands. This works great on JW hubby.

    Another I dearly want to try; candy canes at Christmas, candy hearts on Valentines, and easter eggs at Memorial. Leave them in the nooks and crannies for eager children and cranky elders to find.

  • jgnat

    I thought of more - surviving the social niceties before and after a meeting:

    1. Neutralize the love-bombing. If they hug, do so harder back, and hold just long enough to be mildly uncomfortable.
    2. The personal-space dance. Don't sit down until the meeting starts. If a loving sister invades your personal space, take a quick step backwards.
    3. "..and your name is?" Before they pump you for your information, jump to the pump and ask them first.
  • What-A-Coincidence

    At the indoor assemblies I use to stare at the lights then I would look away and follow the pretty lights. I ocassionaly try to do this but it's not as effective anymore - eyes worn out??

    Sometimes I will outright sleep.

    I'll pull out my PDA and read JWD comments that I have downloaded


  • osmosis

    I'm intrigued by this pumping for information stuff (no pun intended).

    I've always felt that my JW aunt, when we talk (quite often) wasn't actually chitchatting with me or showing any real interest in me or my life, I usually feel that she's just probing for information that I may or may not want to share with her.

    Has my aunt been pumping me? Probably. At least now I know where that weird, uncomfortable feeling comes from when I talk to her.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Wasn't much for playing games when I was on my own but when other brothers were involved we were always trying to get one another to laugh out loud during the meeting.

    The Evil Eye game was played in the second or third school the idea being to get the poor bastard doing the assignment to laugh by staring or pulling faces but doing it without the rest of the people catching you. Payback was a punch in the arm when no one was looking, going Aghhh out loud was more embarrassing than laughing.

    Biblical Porn, I cant remember the verses we'd do it with but we used to look up smutty stupid phrases in our bibles and try to get the brother sitting next to us to laugh during talks or WT studies.

    Oh pinching ! Pinching the leg or arm of the brother next to you during a talk to get a ARRGGH

  • beezknees

    i used to count the tiles on the ceiling hall, and then watch the second hand on the clock going round thinking it only had to go round 60 times and the watchtower would be over...

  • unclebruce

    DR Jekyll said:

    "Biblical Porn, I cant remember the verses we'd do it with but we used to look up smutty stupid phrases in our bibles and try to get the brother sitting next to us to laugh during talks or WT studies."

    pst becky.. check this out .."Look! You are beautiful, my dear one, also pleasant. Our divan also is one of foliage.The Song of Solomon 1:16

  • Thirdson

    During talks with lots of scriptures I used to look for hidden words. By reading down the left edge of each column of text you could find other words. They had to be a minimum of 3 letters long and couldn't cross paragraphs, verse numbers or punctuation (my rules0. There are plenty of 3 letter words, some 4 and even 5 letters. One of the most common words is 'tit'. I spent many an hour looking for tit in the Bible while appearing to be very studious.


  • bikerchic

    Toward the end of my meeting stints I wrote down stories about people in the hall based on what they commented on. I would weave their comment into the next person's comment and create this whole story which usually had a lot of porn in it. At least it looked like I was taking notes on the meeting.

    During the BlotchTower study I would make more stories by circling the letters in the article, more porn or just angry talk about the creepy people there. Some times I would just blacken out all the "O's" in the print. Or play tic tac toe with the X's and O's.

    I also loved to sit in the front and when the speaker would want us to look up scriptures I sat there with my hands folded on top of my Bible and just stare at him. They always started twitching before the end of their talks, that was fun some time I would wink at them.

  • unclebruce

    That's brilliant thirdson - wish I'd thought of that! What do you call tit it?

    I think you invented a new way of studying the ancient texts... we should call Bethel without delay lol.

    one line:









    Revelation 21:8

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