it's your turn now guys

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  • unclebruce
    scissors and I hate condoms... its like wearing a sock on it.

    you must be one hellova lova birthday boy lol

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ehh, I've never actually worn a sock on it!

  • SickofLies

    Sounds good, I hate condoms! Plus women don't like taking birth control, so now you can just lie on one night stands and say 'Don't worry babe I took the pill!' and have all the fun you want. Be sure to give a false name so you don't have to worry about getting tracked down to pay child support.

  • Mary

    After 50 years of use is the female contraceptive pill considered really safe?

    Not 100% but it's a hell of alot better than having 20 babies that you can't afford to raise. I think that's great that there's a male birth control pill out there. How many men have been told "I'm on the pill" and then get a knock on the door or a phonecall 3 months later with a "..I have something to tell you.." from a one night stand? It would be great for guys who don't want to father children yet, but who don't want to get fixed yet either.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    so now you can just lie on one night stands and say 'Don't worry babe I took the pill!'

    Wow that's a good point, only a very devious mind could come up with something like that.

    Did You get DF'd for lying?


    Seriously though this is going to lead to loads of unwanted pregnancies

  • RubaDub

    Another in the Snipped camp here.

    Rub a Dub

  • ballistic
    We'd turn into Fish?

    I was meaning that women might start growing beards.

  • RubaDub

    Dr Jeckyll --> I don't like the Idea of a Dr rummaging around in my sack with a pair of scissors...

    Actually, it is not that bad. At least for me. Although I DESPISE shots, needles, blood or anything like that, I just had about a pint of Chivas Regal scotch early in the morning (my appointment was for 10AM).

    By the time I got there, I was, shall we say, feeling fine. I actually watched the doctor do it. There are just 2 very small cuts (one on each side) and then a little snip and tuck. I think I was so calm I was actually laughing at times. If "I" can sit through it ANYONE can. I am a real chicken when it comes to anything close to a doctor's office. I guess the Chivas was the key.

    Rub a Dub

  • damselfly

    It would be interesting to see what percentage or trace amount of the hormone/drugs used in the male contraceptive are present in the semen. How would the females react to that being deposited into their systems?


  • ballistic

    hehe yeah - it might taste just awful.

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