As a JW how do/did you feel about 6 billion people being destroyed?

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  • Arthur

    Isn't it interesting that JW's love to extole individuals who question the Catholic church in it's hellfire teachings. One of the favorite illustrations of JWs, is to ask a Bible Study: "Would a loving parent hold their child's hand on a hot stove?" Of course, the person will often say no. Yet, when a person asks how the All-Loving, All-Merciful God could slaughter untold numbers of children and babies at Armagheddon just because their parents didn't become a JW, they are told: "Well, hey; their parents had a chance to heed the message didn't they?"

    jwfacts, I'm glad you brought this subject up. In my opinion, this is the number one most disgusting doctrine that the JWs have come up with. In fact, it was the biggest factor that lead me to seriously question the organization. This was an issue that I suppressed for most of my life. ( I was born a JW ) I had never really given it much thought. I "stuffed it away" into the back of my mind as I did with so many of the other Watchtower teachings. As I began to become more and more informed in adulthood, and began to get to know many "worldly" people, I began to realize that there are an untold number of people out there who are beautiful people. Yes, they are imperfect just like everyone; but they are truly peaceful, loving, and compassionate people. The fact that they would be slaughtered in a horrible fashion ( as illustrated in WT publication artwork) just because they didn't see things quite like JWs did, just began to seem so irrational. When the December 1, 2005 Watchtower article described non JWs at Armageddon as "pests" being exterminated by God; I was truly sickened. I couldn't believe that true followers of Jesus would write something so sociopathic.

    I have come to believe that there is probably at least a little bit of demonic influence in some of the things the WT society is teaching people. If the devil wanted to blasphem God by inventing the teaching that God burns people in hell; then logic also tells me that the same devil would also propogate a lie that God is a giant killing machine that will slaughter 99% of humanity with fireballs and hale stones.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Arthur, I never had the pleasure of reading that article, so thanks for highlighting it. I just looked it up on the 2005 CD. What a shocking illustration, likening the righteous (JWs) to humans and every other person on earth to 'pests'. I imagine they were thinking about cockroaches or rats.


    w05 12/1 p. 6 Armageddon—A Happy Beginning ***

    Many wonder, however, why a God who is the very embodiment of love would inflict death and destruction on much of humankind. The situation might be compared to that of a pest-infested house. Would you not agree that a conscientious homeowner should safeguard the health and well-being of his family by exterminating the pests?

    Similarly, it is because of Jehovah’s deep affection for humans that the battle of Armageddon has to be fought. God’s purpose is to make the earth a paradise and to elevate mankind to perfection and peace, with "no one making them tremble." (Micah 4:3, 4; Revelation 21:4) What, then, is to be done with those who threaten the peace and security of their fellow humans? God must eliminate such "pests"—the incorrigibly wicked—for the sake of the righteous ones.—2 Thessalonians 1:8, 9; Revelation 21:8.

  • Panda

    Well, as a good Bible study I thought "Hey it's fine because I won't be one of them." I thought people deserved to die if they didn't recognise Jah. But reading the Bible more intently and then being able to dismiss it as myth made me feel tons better.

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