As a JW how do/did you feel about 6 billion people being destroyed?

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  • jambon1

    As some others have possibly said (if not in this thread but I have seen it in others), to accept this doctrine you have to distance everyone who is not a JW. You have to do this mentally, like, make up some reason that justifies the deaths of all the really nice people that you meet in life. You maybe tell yourself they are getting up to all sorts of BAD stuff behind the screen of niceness. The only thing is,..........many of JW`s are doing just that, but they will be saved!

    This doctrine screwed up my mind for 10 years. Now I`m so glad to be free of it all.

    Ultimately people dont deserve such a fate .

  • zagor

    I've had a conversation with an elder few weeks prior to leaving for good. I've asked him: "Considering so much sh*t that is happening in congregations all over the world, including (but not limited to) back-stabbing, slander, malicious spreading of rumors, lies, etc. Which are often statistically more rampant among JW than among normal population by what definition of crime so to speak will everyone else be destroyed and JW speared? How come are JW more deserving of eternal life than everyone else? Is it only through clocking of hours??" needless to say he couldn't answer.

  • delilah

    I had a hard time understanding why a Loving God™ would want to destroy good, decent Worldly People™ that I knew, when our congregation was full of spiteful, rotten, dickhead JWs. Yup! My thoughts exactly. When I asked an elder about this, he told me that only Jehovah knew the hearts and minds of people, but as for his witnesses, at least they were TRYING to be God-fearing and loving, and they at least were in the "right" religion. I about laughed in his face.

  • Farkel

    : I was surprised that most JWs said they don't believe that, and like Leolaia said, secretly reason that God will judge individuals based on heart condition at the end regardless of religious affiliation.

    Even that notion is idiotic: who gave us genes? Who gave some people "better" genes than other people? What God should have the right to judge people given that that God gave us the genes that mostly rule our lives, anyway? Who set the trap in Eden (hahahahahahahaha)? Who lied to us and wanted to keep all humans in total ignorance in Eden ("you should never know the difference between good and evil, because you, my children were created to be idiots, not sentient beings. I, your God don't trust my creation, namely YOU, and I will NEVER trust my own creation, namely YOU. I have set up a situation where you will screw up and made it EASY for you to screw up. Why? Because "I" your God am a jealous God and "I' your God am such a narcissistic God that I will screw up my own children that I myself created because it is all about ME.

    What "God" should judge us because of THE WAY HE/IT MADE US IN THE FIRST PLACE?"

    Go ahead, give me the "Free Will(tm)" argument, and I will be happy to throughly trash it. I've done it dozens of times with not a single credible rejoinder.

    The "Free Will(tm) " argument will not hold for many reasons, but the most obvious one is that it was a set up from "God" in the first place. I've written extensivly about this. It's in the "Best Of" archives (look for the "Idiots" section. If that doesn't work, look for Farkel.
    My best stuff is in either category.)



  • Farkel


    Bible and Islam and (other's) "God" is the worst genocidal maniac asshole humans could ever invent to serve their evil needs and superstitions.

    But you are in second place! ): But, then again, I've never met you. You don't keep your agreements with me. You simply need to do that.


  • Farkel

    : When I bought this issue up one of the elders told me that the 6 billion deserve to die.

    It's all "Bible Based" and the JW Faith is based on LOVE.


    Farkel, who hates liars and their hypocricies

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I began to refuse to go to the meetings between 13 and 14 years old. It was about a year before 1975. I did not believe that God was creating babies only to plan on killing them in 1975. I had a natural knowledge inside me that God was good. Life was beautiful. Nature was glorius in all its diversity.

    As far as hell goes, I believe that there is spirit within me. That spirit will not die, and all the love we have ever known will go with us. I have no desire to spend eternity with baby molestors and the truly evil. They need to be where they are happy, they hate beautiful things, they abuse beautiful people, they destroy children. There is a natural balance in all things; good evil, day and night, the sun the moon, hatred and love.

    I went back to the meetings as an adult and Mother Theresa had just started many group homes and charities;

    Vocation of Mother Teresa

    Beginning in 1980, homes began to spring-up for drug addicts, prostitutes, battered women, and more orphanages and schools for poor children around the world. In 1985, Mother Teresa established the first hospice for AIDS victims in New York. Later homes were added in San Francisco and Atlanta. Mother Teresa was awarded Medal of Freedom, the highest U.S. civilian award.

    I still did not yet have the WTBTS out of my ststem. The elders wives who were studying with me said that Mother Theresa in all her goodness would die at Armageddon. Again I knew that just was not in line with what was in my heart.

  • jwfacts

    Very interesting MaudDib, this makes a concentration camp pale into insignificance, and Hitler look like sweet in comparison to Jehovah. The logistics of 6 billion rotting corpses and the smell.

    As a kid I used to dream of driving some worldly persons Lamboughini around after Armageddon. I never dreamed i would have to drag his mangled body from the car first, and clear the raodway of the debris of destroyed buildings, car accidents, and dead children lieing on the footpaths. I remember thinking of the birds cleaning up the carrion, but my mind never actually processed or visualised that the carrion were human beings being torn apart by the birds.

    Imagine the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that all the JW Armageddon survivors will be suffering!

    (Tongue in Cheek) Oh I forgot, the angels will do all the gory bits and then Jehovah will zap all bad memories from us so that "he former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart." and then all will be happy forever.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    Wasnt there a softening of that "Judgement Period" crap when the sheep and goats thinking was dropped onto the rubbish pile? I seem to remember that we were told that only those who die at Jehovah's hands would not be ressurected because they had not accepted the good news. Those who die before were thought to be judged sheep or goats based on thier response to the teaching of the truth during the "Judgement Period." We are not actually in a judgement period technically, the judging comes after the tribulation begins. That means anyone who dies during this time has paid for thier sins.

    Oh this crap is tiring. So legalistic and technical. Either God loves you or he dont.

    Damn the pontificating old men who had thier dogma in our minds, our pants and for awhile our hearts. I hate to talk about thier crap. Its a step back for my psyche. Once in a while I get sucked back to responed to stuff like this. Nothing against you, I love your mind and heart as I have seen it displayed here on this forum.

    The fact is, today was a good day. I was with a lady I like a lot and chatted with my son, both privileges of the day. Hope you are well, happy and busy. Love is the answer, screw the doctrine lessons. Not one watchtower bullshit thought ran across my mind today. (till the autopilot kicked in here... oops.)


  • hawkaw


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