without God what would humanity do?

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  • freedomlover


    you need to read this book I'm reading right now. it would freak you out a little about how this work of fiction could maybe come true one day. It's called the Handmaid's Tale. It's an older bestseller.

    I started a thread on this book yesterday. I haven't finished it yet, but probably will today. I've only had it 3 days, it's a page turner. It deals with social, religious, and political things that happen when the world gets too *free*. great book, kind of leaves you going " what if?......."

    as far as your question......I agree with Narkissos.

    humans are hard wired to keep the ritual and myth thing alive. it is fun, gives heritage, builds prestige and prominence. humans like those things. they are those things. If it wasn't *god* then it would be something else that humans would create as to their drug of choice...........

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am an avid reader and coupled with the fact that we just got our tax return back....

    Borders here I come. Lol

    So I'll be sure to check this out.

    It is an interesting thought isn't it? What would happen?

    (I'll get to the bookstore tomorrow and see if I can find it)



  • JAVA

    Who would we blame when a storm hits town and kills children in school if there was no god? (“An act of God”)
    When we go to war and kill countless people because of misinformation, we would need to come up with another song to encourage war and killing. (“God Bless America”)
    How can we discourage a woman’s right to choose without God; the same God that’s for “an eye for an eye” and killing whole nations that worship other gods.
    Good question--what would the world be like without God?

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey there...I know I already mentioned this to you..but my family; every cousin, parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle are all atheists and agnostics....no church of any kind. I don't think they are very happy and I know I didn't like living that way..especially when people died. I think I'm a throwback..heard my great, great ancestors were very religious.

  • Satanus


    It would indicated that helpfullness is hardwired into humans (toddlers).

    If this is hardwired why do not all humans do this naturally?

    Many do. However humans are complex. It is also possible that it is not hardwired in everyone. Infants grow up w many stresses and fears. Those lead to many other tendencies which are less ultruistic, among them being the production of an ego.

    It is easy for morals to evolve from a base such as that. As well, empathy may be hardwired.

    I believe the same applies here.


    Further, the human desire for an ordered society brings civil law into existence. ; These laws are loosely equated in the human mind ;to morals/moral standards.

    I see you arguement, but if there is no consequence, or if we really dont have to answer to anything or anyone for moral misbehavior. I mean so what if I sleep with your wife, who do I have to answer to?

    Consequences for bad behaviour is the purpose of civil law. Unfortunately (perhaps unhappy wives would say that it is fortunate), wife stealing is legal. While the stealer may not get bashed over the head as in caveman days, there are generally some consequences.

    An "ordered society" is a bit of a loose term. History has not revealed civil order by a long shot.
    This has been in evolution for millenia, w ups and downs as different systems have been experimented w. The roman empire, w the christanisation of europe and some other parts of the world was one very successful attempt based on religion and force. Currently, a new system, even more loose and perhaps the largest ever is in the making. It is one based on capitalism. S
  • free2beme

    Without such a strong belief in God, there would be less wars over religion. So that would cause a population explosion and the world would end up having to take population control methods serious. So it is a good thing people believe so strong in a god, and kill each other over it, as it keeps the population down.

  • greendawn

    Human nature is such that it needs to believe in a superior being(s) it seems to be an indispensible part for man's emotional wellbeing.

  • ellderwho
    Consequences for bad behaviour is the purpose of civil law.

    What is bad behavior? According to whom?

  • Satanus


    Consequences for bad behaviour is the purpose of civil law. ;
    What is bad behavior? According to whom?

    Well, since god is the one who put the authorities into office (rom13:1), then it follows that god is the author of civil law. That is the answer you wanted, wasn't it? Seriously though, civil law here in north america has come to us from various sources and processes; from england and europe w modifications in our respective countries. In those places, many laws originated from the ruling kings, queens, senators, etc. The lower classes usually did not have that much say. In north america, the theory of democracy had a transforming power over existing laws, at least early on. Later, another development which affected civil law was the power of lobby which corporations acquired. Throughout the whole process, self interests of the various groups are the strongest forces behind the formation of civil law. S

  • Satanus

    Bad behavior generally, is anything that disturbs the order and control of society. Since wife stealing is a fairly benigne activity w regard to the general order, and so, there is no civil law against it. Other 'bad behaviors' like witholding of the paying of taxes, for instance, could lead to large upheavals if they were allowed to spread. And so, laws against tax evasion are strong. Obviously, whoever has the power decides what is and isn't bad behavior.


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