Bethelite at hall dedication, system may not last until "Deliverance Conv."

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  • daystar

    Through various contacts, I heard this was said by a good Bethelite at a local hall dedication. (I won't quote what was said... I don't want to give away my source.)

    Plans are being made to attend the Deliverance Convention in July. The Bethelite then says that the they may not make it until then, that the "end of this system" is so close.

    He then hedges that with the caveat that it may, in fact, not end before the Convention, but to just keep in mind that it is "so close".

    So close!! SO CLOSE??!! This just sort of got my ire today. I was told this same crap when I was 4 years old. Nearly 30 years later, here we still sit. And I know people a bit farther along in age were told that many years before I was born. Just... makes me ill... and angry...

    I can just imagine this little bit of gossip being passed along with such excitement!

  • jaredg

    come on man get yourself together. you know what you have to do....


  • Dune

    I think most witnesses by now have become desensitized to the whole "The end is near" garbage.

    Thats why they are pummeling us with garbage like the "keep on the watch", and new formats for the awake to "rekindle" our zeal for the ministry...

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    doesn't the government have to declare war on religion first?

    they'd better hurry up...they've only got 4 months.

    luv, jojo

  • sir82

    Actually, per the Book Study for this week, we need a "King of the North" yet too.

    So, within the next 4 months, "just maybe" there will be time for:

    -- The revealing of a new King of the North

    -- an attack by the "miliatrized elements" of the UN on Christendom

    -- followed by an attack on the rest of organized religion

    -- An attack on "the only religion left in the world", JWs

    -- followed by Armageddon

    Gonna be a busy few months! Maybe I should sign up for that African safari while I still have time...

  • Elsewhere

    That is so stupid... that's all the WTS has is a bunch of idiots going around saying "I doubt this system will last until [insert time frame]".

    No wonder they are loosing so many people... the WTS has absolutely NOTHING to offer anyone.

  • startingover

    It's talk like that which I heard as a young kid that made me believe 1975 was the real thing. The CO's and DO's and visiting Bethelites are full of that kind of talk and don't hold back from sharing it from the platform.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The end was "just around the corner" since I was first contacted almost 25 years ago, ans I remember a talk at a dc in 1997 where the speaker said it was "right in front of us". How far in front, he didn't say.

    I think most of us on here are too wise to take any notice of wt predictions, wev'e heard them all before, and none have come true. I doubt they ever will.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    I think most of us on here are too wise to take any notice of wt predictions, wev'e heard them all before, and none have come true. I doubt they ever will.

    You can just imagine, milliions of yrs from now just as the sun goes super nova the last dub will pipe up and say "I told you so"

  • ferret

    As a kid I used to lie in bed thinking the end was just around the corner and had trouble sleeping, mostly because I was a bad boy and thought I was going to die soon. This summer I will be 68 years old and no end yet. I no longer lie awake and worry about it. The borg does not have a clue.

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