Bethelite at hall dedication, system may not last until "Deliverance Conv."

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  • Gregor

    "The Deliverance Convention"

    Everbody take off 'em little panties and squeeel!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    got to love the boys from bethel. I remember back in the 90's the big thing for bethelites to say was this suspect quote from freddy franz claiming he made the statement in prayer about how he wanted to live to the year 2000 so he could see the fall of babylon the great. needless to say his prayer went un-aswered.

  • MinisterAmos

    Shouldn't the WTBS be buying body bags so we have a place to respectfully place the animal picked carcasses? I mean, the time IS near isn't it and the WT certainly won't be needing money....

  • MinisterAmos

    So what happened?

  • blondie

    The system failed but invisibly..........

  • SallySue

    I was told the end was close 65 years ago.... I would be petting lions any day...

  • Titus

    Stephen Lett said 2006 that the next DC will probably be held in paradise, without him, because he will be in heaven.

    Stephen, do you remember that?

  • ziddina

    "I'm sure one day his grandchildren will say that, just as his grandparents did. ..."

    OOooooo... As usual, Finally Free has succinctly stated the situation in a nutshell...

    In fact, I can see myself using a slight variation on Finally Free's statement, upon the next Witness dumb enough to come close to me...

    Witness: "Can I interest you in hearing some good news? Were you aware that all the earthquakes we've been experiencing lately, are signs that soon "God" will cleanse the earth for his true followers??"

    Ziddina: "Hmm. Did your father go door-to-door preaching that the "end" was coming "soon", when you were a child?? How about your grandfather?? Did he also go door-to-door preaching that same "end" was coming "soon"??? "

    Witness: "Er, uhm, well, it's 'right around the corner'!!!"

    Ziddina: "Tell you what, I'll discuss this with your grandchildren when they start coming to my door, twenty years from now..."


  • Essan

    ""the "end of this system" is so close.""

    Wow, fool me once, shame on you, fool me several dozen times, then I'm a certified moron.

    Aren't people tired of hearing the same BS? When does "Oh, it's so close! Sooooo close" start being meaningless to these people?

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