Bro. Schroeder dies

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  • stillAwitness

    Thanks for including that article DogPatch. I will say a prayer to Jesus tonight which sounds so foreign to me but then again can all 6 billion people on the planet be wrong?

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, zgborn. Very interesting information.


  • IronClaw

    Wait a minute. He can't die. Didn't he believe in the "Millions now living will never die" crap? How dare he leave the scene and not fulfill this prophecy.

    The Claw.

  • Siddhashunyata

    Mr. Schroeder gave a talk in my congregation shortly after October 1975. I aproached him for some relief from my disapointment that,in June the Society had backed away from the end date without waiting until October and that many predictions were made in Jehovah's name with absolute certainty that it came from Jehovah. He paused and made a statement that blew my mind and I have never forgotten the incident...He said " We have entered the Age of Faith". I asked him what age we had been in but he did not answer and simply walked away.

  • juni

    From reading these posts, it only reinforces my feelings that I expressed in my postings.

    These men are looked up to and when you read what really went on "behind the curtain" it makes you feel even more deceived and saddened that you put your family through such abuse.



  • serendipity

    Hi zgborn, thanks for sharing & welcome to the forum!

  • LDH
    " We have entered the Age of Faith". I asked him what age we had been in but he did not answer and simply walked away.

    Previously, you had been in the Age of Paranoia. That gave way to the Age of Faith, and in recent years has become the Age of Dumb as All Fuck, since the meaning of the word "generation" was changed in 1975.

    I could care less that this fool died. There's no fool like an old fool.

    He spent the better part of 100 years passing out his tidbits of wisdom to puppies waiting for crumbs. This was all based on the fact that ALL JW's believed he had a Secret Arrangement with Jehovah. TM

    This is like being sad that a suicide bomber died. The Jihadist believes he's on his way to his reward, what does he/she care about the havoc they wreak?


    Millions Now Living Are Dropping Like Flies Class

  • TMS

    Albert Schroeder was in his element in a Watchtower classroom where he controlled the flow of information. He had a professorial bearing and appeared to show a genuine interest in each student. He had a unique teaching style, ending nearly every other sentence with a rhetorical question.

    His "off the cuff" talks were much more interesting than his convention manuscript efforts.

    Several classroom techniques could be mistaken for brilliance. I attended the Kingdom Ministry School in Pittsburg, PA in early 1970 with Brothers Schroeder and Davis conducting. Walking into the basement classroom after my three day bus trip, I saw this large curly-haired figure cutting across the room to me with an extended hand. "You must be a Pioneer!" were Schroeder's words.(I wondered if it was my sunburn or my thrift shop suit that gave me away.) I later realized that a recent photo accompanied each application and Schroeder knew exactly who was coming in.

    During classroom discussion, Schroeder called on every student by name without stumbling. Here again, there was mandatory seating and he memorized the chart. He also would not answer any question during his talk, only afterwards. After the discourse, he would answer each question in the order the student raised his hand, but he would not allow the student to phrase the question. He already "knew" the question based on the point of his outline that the hand went up and the hundreds of previous courses he had taught. He would simply "answer" the question and the student would get this dumbfounded "how'd he do that?" look.

    Several times after a long classroom day, Schroeder would change very quickly into casual clothes and be out front with the then 12 year old Judah Ben, throwing a baseball back and forth. At the time, I thought this was an obviously staged event to show the brothers that even this busy Watchtower leader made time for his kid. He could easily have waited ten minutes until we all had dispersed, but he did not. I did not fault him for this, but viewed it as an extension of his "teaching."

    In discussing Watchtower history, Schroeder painted Russell as a gentle pastor, even imitating his figure-eight oratorical style. He said less about Rutherford, but implied that he was a demanding man.

    Each class has the egotistical know-it-all. Schroeder had a nice way of deflating the pompous.

    Until a few years ago, I used to think about my "anointed" grandfather, A.J. DeMan, looking down on me. Now, I'm reasonably certain he and Albert are gone forever.


  • TheListener

    Schroeder chaired uninspiring morning worship programs. I belive someone posted that already. I just wanted to agree with that poster.

    Schroeder appeared to feel that if he maintained an aura of intelligence the friends would unquestioning follow. Apparently, for the most part, he was right.

    If you know who started every prayer this way you truly were a bethelite: "oh our grand, magnificent, awe inspiring, powerful, strong, wonderful, loving..... heavenly father" - not the same exact adjectives each prayer but pretty similar. The prayers were long and it took a long long time to get past Jehovah's qualities into the prayer portion.

    Also, which morning worship chairman made every text somehow connect to homosexuality? Or has he would say "homoooooosexuuuuuual" (hard to sound out but if you were there you'd remember.

  • blondie

    Wait a minute. He can't die. Didn't he believe in the "Millions now living will never die" crap? How dare he leave the scene and not fulfill this prophecy.
    Actually, the GB/FDS/anointed never applied this to themselves...they knew they had to die to get their was the "lesser"ones that would remain on earth that "would never die."

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