Bro. Schroeder dies

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  • startingover

    Just to tie these 2 thread together

    He pretended to be a man of compassion and understanding, but was treacherously far from it. My basic memory of him is that he was puffed up with his own self-importance. He walked around the place as if he were some sort of army commander or prince among men.

    The time that I met him, this is what I remember too.

  • Buster

    I suppose it is customary to dig down a bit and find some respect for the dead. So, I'll suppose that he believed what he said he believed.

    He must have been looking forward to this blessed event. He must have beend looking forward to meeting Jesus and starting to rule, invisibly in heaven with his 144,000 superfriends (less the everlasting 8,000 that seem to get replaced as time passes).

    So, I'm sure he wanted to go. Who am I to disagree with an old man's wishes?

  • VM44

    "With him dies some the last memories of the Rutherford days within Bethel. He knew a lot of the skeleton's in Rutherford's closet and was aware of many of the organization problems."

    All of Rutherford's skeletons will remain unknown when the last of the people who knew him at Bethel die off.

    Schroeder was a young man of 31 when Rutherford died in 1942, I doubt that there are many still left at Bethel who were there when Rutherford was president of the organization.


  • jambon1


    Another wasted life who may also have inflicted some trouble on others at the same time. A product of a futile & worthless belief system.

  • juni

    Another "stellar" example of a Christian who has gone away.

    So sad, so bad that the "other sheep" are encroaching on his private territory with God.

    It makes me SICK.


  • fjtoth


    You've reminded me that Bert and Freddie Franz believed they were already ruling with Christ. The Society's official view is that "all the Kingdom's interests upon earth have been placed in the care of the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class." Rutherford even believed--or at least taught--that political rulers would eventually turn to him and the Society for counsel and direction. He felt they were disapproved by God and Christ until they in that way 'kissed the Son' before he expressed his anger at Armageddon.

    As for the majority of JWs--the "other" sheep--Bert viewed them as slaves of the governing body, hewers of wood and drawers of water to assist the "anointed" class in their present rulership on earth.


  • juni

    ......and I forgot.

    A college/university education is alright for him and his son? If he were of the "anointed" wouldn't he have dropped out and accepted Rutherford's order?? Guess he must've known that Rutherford was a namby-pamby and wouldn't mind.

    And they have the gall to push this "no higher education" crap to this day. But they certainly are looking for educated and trained people to do their work.


  • juni


    Another wasted life who may also have inflicted some trouble on others at the same time. A product of a futile & worthless belief system.


    "MAY" have inflicted some trouble on others? He was a part of the elite group to dictate the orders that has hurt SO many and others are so afraid to leave and others so fooled that they keep up w/the rules in order to have God's blessing.



  • Narkissos

    I remember having dinner with him in the room of a couple of friends in Bethel when he visited the French Branch. He was quite nice but very evasive, and as a result the conversation was totally uninteresting.

    Another illusion ends.

  • juni

    He was probably evasive because he wanted to be in harmony w/the rest of the "crew". Might end up getting ousted, ya know?

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