Slap Uncle Bruce Here ~ Weak Poll #1

by unclebruce 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll


  • Frog
    *** PMSL Pissed Myself Laughing

    HA! wouldn't have expected to get that one from

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I like you Uncle Bruce - you replied to one of my posts, which puts you in a very exclusive club. If I met you at a BBQ, I would:

    Other - Get you a beer.

    Rachel xxx

  • unclebruce

    Ah beer and kisses from a sweet pudy tat ...what more could a man want .. if the eli the eskimo caveman could see me now ..

    don't wake me people this must be a dream ...tie me to a tree and argue over whether its a cross or a torture stake I don't care..

    ~~~~xxx ~~~~

  • LittleToe
  • ballistic

    I want uncle bruce to know he's rapidly becoming one of my favorite posters, I mean even my avatar happens to be from his local beach I want to visit one day... but, em, I must make it clear, I am (how do I say this) I am not in love with THINK. I am into girlies. GIRLIES you hear>?

    and beer

  • MissBehave

    Clam, thank you so much for posting that picture. I feel comforted knowing that in the new system there will be hot dog vendors and beach balls. Day-O....

    HA!!!!! Were the Watchtower illustrators HIGH?


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    What ever happened to "THINK" ? was he stumbled away by a certain person coming on to him?

  • ballistic

    MissBehave, have I ever said what a great name that is, I want to re-register as Austin Powers and MissBehave with you.

  • Brigid

    Dear Uncle Bruce,

    Won't be there with you at the BBQ, but I'll have a go at your poll (no pun intended):

  • jump me from a tree (girls only please) ---nahhh, I'm far too straightforward for that.
  • thump me from a long run? ---maybe
  • stick a sausage where no light shines ----only if you beg

    • smile politely and think “wanker” ---never
  • shake my hand while forking me in the butt. ---only if you really beg
  • Shun me ---never
  • offer me a free home bible study ----from the witch's bible, maybe
  • other, please specify: My imagination fails me.
  • Sounds like one hell of a BBQ, sorry I'll miss it!

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