"Help! my dad is watching Pornography" Cries of a JW teen.

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  • daystar
    They are past all moral sense.

    No, some of us just came to the realization that our moral compass is best served from within rather than from either some organization or from some imaginary authority that lives in the clouds.

    I have much more faith in the morals of some of my non-religious friends now than I ever did with many of the JWs. Their morals are real as they have discovered them themselves rather than just being served them with a big ole plate of "do it or die!"

    Oh, and there really is no need to be rude to anyone here. So why don't you just try not to be so offensive.

  • truthseeker


    I did not mean to be offensive, but I don't like it when people swear at me or to me.

    The Aussie dude (forgot his username) who said that my POV is a crock of sh*T could have said, "I strongly disagree" or "it's a load of garbage"

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    Dr. Jekyll

    You and all the subs with you mate - I've said already it's unhealthy, many doctors would agree it can destroy relationships.

    Go back under in the swamp you came from - You make this world a cesspit.

    Awwww mate thats not very nice. It would seem that you're as immature as your outlook on sex.

    Might I also point out that many Drs also say that pornography can kick start a flagging sex life where partners have become slightly bored with the missionary position once a week, same old time same old place.

    As someone in the 80's once said... "Imagination, can make a man of you"

  • truthseeker

    Dr Jekyl,

    I don't want to argue with you, you're entitled to your opinion

    Don't be so cruel man - there are better ways to put someone down than using offensive langauge, otherwise I would not have written what I did.


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    I did not mean to be offensive, but I don't like it when people swear at me or to me.

    Awwww I'm sorry mate but I find it equally offensive when people try ramming their views down everybody else's throats and them claim its the view of the majority. Its not, its merely you're own personal view.

  • truthseeker

    Mr. Jekyll

    I didn't ram my views down anyone's throat - I merely put forth the view that you did not wish to see.

    I have already given you two minutes of my precious life, I'm not about to give you another two.

  • Satanus

    Oooo, truthseeker puts down others w his 'past all moral sense' and submerged in a swamp phrases, then starts crying when he gets a little bit back. Typical christian, reserves the right to heavy handedly judge the characters of those who disagree w him, then is shocked that they return his own treatment.


  • Trojan

    truthseeker: I like a healthy discussion! I like it if people have their own opinions, since most of us here have come from a cult (as you correctly stated) that does not allow healthy discussions like this one. So different opinions are good, healthy, keep us stirring in our emotions and thinking...it draws us to think in other directions.....

    ......it could be that some of the porn-advocates get to think and maybe, yes, stop at a destructive way of living.

    .....but it could also be that some of the porn-haters, stop for a moment and think and realize that other people are just different, as colorfull as nature that surrounds us.

    I love animals. I love cats, they just amaze me! I think the egyptians had a point in worshipping them (I wouldn't do it, but I understand they're fascination with the feline). When I started traveling a bit, I saw for the first time in my life iguanas, and found them disgusting:

    Well, in my mind they where.....but then some other people just love them. You accept them. They are part of the net of life. Maybe you don't get them as PETS, but you don't go around killing them en masse....

    We have to admit, not all porn is bad. Looking at porn doesn't make you bad/evil as not looking at it doesn't make you good/holy. It only makes you human.

    Then, not all IS porn in the first place. I accept some of your points, and yes I remember the different reactions to the Titanic scene: most brothers in our hall, fast-forwarded.....some others, took the dvd out and condemned it as evil and satanic.....some others (like me , liked the steamy scene in the car and found it was healthy erotic, normal human behaviour.........) Remind you: for many JW, this WAS ALREADY porn...


    To all my fellow posters: Let's be fair and let truthseeker or others express they're opinion without bashing and ending conversations with "this was shit"...if it was shit, than make your point, why it was shit!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    You typed out a great big post about the evils of porno then gave us this gem

    Yes, it is my point of view, and I'm sure a sizable number would agree with me were I to ask them outright and present medical and scientifc facts.

    where you told us it was your view tried to tell us it was the view of the majority as well and then tried to back up *your* view by claiming it had a credible scientific basis. That sounds like ramming to me?

    You need to lighten up pal. Pornography is as old as man and yet last time I looked the worlds still going around, its not come crashing to a stop all because of the evils of pornography.

  • serendipity

    I'm late to this party but wanted to say that if the father is looking at porn involving children he needs help and his daughter should confront him and get her mother involved as well.

    As far as porn's impact on relationships, I had a bf who compared me to the naked women he saw in print and on film. Thanks to the wonders of airbrushing, etc, there's no way I could compare. He was unhappy with my appearance and criticized me. It had a devastating effect on our relationship. I would NEVER knowingly date someone with a porn habit.

    I have to wonder if men would view porn differently if women were more interested in it. Imagine if women got addicted to photos and film of naked men, all buff and tan, with heads full of hair, and hung like a horse. And if the women asked their middle-aged, balding, pasty, beer-bellied, averagely-endowed husbands: "Why don't you look like that?" Maybe then men might have a different opinion of porn, realizing that it objectifies humans.

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