"Help! my dad is watching Pornography" Cries of a JW teen.

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  • Dune

    I told her to put up the awake with the "Dangers of Pornography" bolded on the front covers to scare her dad, lol.

  • candidlynuts

    if its harmful to the relationship , thats between him and his wife.. its not something the elders need to stick their noses in on.

    that will just make things worse.

  • mkr32208

    I wanted to go into my dads porn sites and link all of them back to the WBTS site so when he types in www.whatever it will link him to the watchtower page...

    but knowing my dad that would make him even MORE of a zealot... Must be a message from god or some such garbage!

  • primitivegenius

    back in da damn day i had to go wif my dad on one of his many bible studies grrrrrrrrr. dude had pics of naked wimmenz all over his walls so we were sure to leave the magazines back then dealing with porn...... hum..... now why did i INSIST on going with him EVERY TIME. musta juss been real SPIRITUAL

  • carla

    I say she prints some of it out LARGE and ask the elders during a meeting if this 'behavior becoming a Christian' and say, 'it's off dad's computer, gosh, I'm so confused!'. Or leave it on windshields at the hall and make sure to leave his name on it. It's time to start burning some hypocritical butts.

  • DigitalFokus
    In the JC they will want to know all of the details of what he was viewing

    Oh man, this would be soooooo fun.

    Ok, so the scene starts out in a barn, 2 chicks a horse and the two headed guy and i don't mean......

    ......and it went on like that till all the peanut butter was gone.

    I tell you what brother..i couldn't walk for 2 days after that session.

    df (of the need professional help class)

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    I've got more porn than I can shake a di*k at..and my relationship with wifey is better then ever.. hehehe

  • cosmic

    Don't be fooled. There's a LOT of really bad porn out there. You know, out of focus, no depth of field, not even a hint of composition! I mean, what was the photographer thinking? Oh. Yeah.

    Isn't it curious how westerners sit in front of their TV sets for hours and hours watching human beings kill each other in ever inventive ways, but watch two people (or more if its really good) having sex? Would you rather go to war or f**k?

    I look at it this way, if somebody is reading porn, I don't have to look. But some blathering retard ruining lives because of lies he is mindlessly, shamelessly, and (often) knowingly repeating, oh, that's okay. Its for God.

  • LDH

    Does anyone else find it unusual that a daughter has been exposed to the sexual habits of her father?

  • nsrn

    Yes, that sent up a red flag for me, too. Did she find it hidden at home, on the computer archive, or was it left out for her to see? How old is she? Pedophiles can use porn to entice/educate the child. Hmmm.

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