"Help! my dad is watching Pornography" Cries of a JW teen.

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  • Finally-Free

    I'm not sure if anyone touched on this yet, but I wonder if she cleans the keyboard before using the computer. Or does she have her own?


  • anewme

    Im not seeing porn as the issue.

    Im seeing snitching on her father as the issue.

    Jesus said the Christian way would be for her to approach her father about his reading material and remind him that it isnt healthy and is disrespectful to mum and he should stop looking at it.

    Then after a while and she sees he did not stop she should go to her mom and report what she saw and knows.

    Now she has told her mom and now her part in the matter is over. Daughter has done her duty to God and mother.

    Awhile back a Catholic ExJW discussed that he felt private personal confession to a priest in the confessional was better than the snitching going on in the KH and the confrontation and admonition by a group of elders for minor Christian offenses.

    The beauty being that the sinner himself confesses voluntarily and prays for forgiveness, repents and self corrects in contrast to being caught while sinning and before there is remorse of the healthy kind that one is brought before the inquisitors and charged! I quite agree it seems like a healthy system for handling minor slips of conduct.

    People self correct. They sin. They repent and turn around all without help from others.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are taught and trained and encouraged to be snitches, guardians of others consciences and it is not right! Its called MEDDLING.

  • wednesday
    Does anyone else find it unusual that a daughter has been exposed to the sexual habits of her father?

    LDH yes it is interesting , haven't reaad all the responses since you posted this, but just wanted to say that that my teenagers (wild arse boys) would rumage through our bedrooom while we were out. They did find some things, nothing illegal, but they found it b/c they violated our private space. kids do the things sometimes.

  • wednesday
    if the type of pornography viewed was especially depraved (examples given at our school were child porn,

    child porn is illegal, and disgusting .anyone viewing it better look out b/c they are arresting these preverts everyday. They come knock on their door and take away their computer , full of all kinds of porn. Also, sex with animals is illegal. Viewing porn in which girls are PORTRAYED as being underage ( even if they are actually 18 or over) is illegal, I believe.(i could be wrong on that) Also, if you hold a responsible position, esp one in which you work with the public, or children, if anyone ever suspects you view porn, you may be looking for a new job, selling your house and moving somewher to start a new life. I also wanted to add that depending on where you live may have some bearing on what they do to you if you get caught with porn on your computer. Here in the BIBLE BELT, you could easily lose your job, be ostracized by your neighbors, even for having adult porn on your computer, or if you have a computer at work, if you get emails , even unsolicated ones, look out. Coming from the jws world some tend to think, all they need to do is not get caught by the elders. Some forget that even among the "world" porn and associated thngs are viewed as disgusting and yes I know people do it, but you may pay dearly if you get caught. truthseeker, you are so right, if you view porn, it is always on your hard drive, and only a professional can wipe it clean. And according to my tecky friends, it can still be brought back to life. Also, I do not believe, not anymore, that anyone "accidently' stumbles on Child Porn (this may have been ture back when the net was new). If you find Child Porn, face it, you went looking for it. it is not that easy to locate. Try it, type in some stuff onl your computer, and see what happens. If you have child porn on your computer, you are breaking the law and you are out looking for it.

  • bebu

    Anewme, that last post was very good.

    I think it is the daughter's business in one way to deal with the porn issue. She should definitely keep the elders out.

    I think a very short, subtle written note to her dad should suffice. Even by email. A hint that the computer has obviously been to some wayward sites. This way she wouldn't have to deal with trying to confront him face-to-face. She might even teach him a lesson on being merciful...

    That's my 2 centimes.


  • Finally-Free

    On the issue of snitching on her dad, I say NO! Not to the elders, mom, or anyone. As we go through life we sometimes learn things about our relatives that we find personally distasteful. That's a fact of life. But unless the person is doing something clearly illegal it's best to stay out of it. Why did she search his internet history? Does she think it's her business to police her father's internet activity? Whether she likes it or not, she has no authority over her father. Period. As for telling her mom, or in any way interfering with the husband-wife relationship of her parents, I can't think of a better way to trash a relationship with one or both parents, and I'm speaking from experience.


  • anewme

    I agree Finally Free you are absolutely right!

    Experience proves you are!

  • Dune

    I agree with finally free also.

    But she SERIOUSLY thinks its her duty to the congregation to either get him to stop doing it or for him to report himself to the JC.

    She believes that the holy spirit's enacting force on the congregation will be taken away if he is allowed to continue being an MS.

    Its really sad when a child has to go through a situation like this.

  • MsMcDucket
    Thanks to the wonders of airbrushing, etc, there's no way I could compare. He was unhappy with my appearance and criticized me.

    Serendipity, you mean that he couldn't tell that some of the women had plastic surgery? He couldn't see the tummy tuck lines or the implants? He couldn't see the weave? Wow! I'm glad that you let that one go. He sounds like he's living in a bubble.

  • serendipity

    Hi Ms McD,

    The funny thing is he was just about average looking himself, with a slight gut and receding hair line. I let him go for many reasons, that was just one of them.

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