"Help! my dad is watching Pornography" Cries of a JW teen.

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  • Dune

    As some of you may know, i'm still an active witness and i'm still in the planning stages of my "escape".

    I met a sister at a district convention a year ago and i've been talking to her on AIM for a while. I think she is very amusing considering that she is very intelligent and often voices her views on the doctrinal falicies of the WTBS, but when its my turn to give my two cents she makes it seem as if I'm the only poztate.

    Anyway, Her dad is a ministerial servant and she recently found out that he has been looking at pornography. She was very distressed about it because she didnt know what to do. Personally, i thought it was hilarious because her dad is self-righteous and he has this coming to him.

    But seriously though, is the societies stance on Porn valid? Do relationships really crumble when one of the spouses starts watchin porn?

  • Trojan

    Are you kidding? They will fall over him like vultures over dead corpses.....

    ......tell her to calm down and forget about it! If that comes out, her dad is fried, after the last MS and Elders course.....tststs, how could he?? After hearing 50,000 hours of talks on how bad naked girls are for your little dub mind!

    This is good advice from an elder.....


  • Honesty

    If his elders find out, he's going to be looking at 3 judges who are about to decide if he's worthy to live or die instead of some naked girlz.

  • wednesday
    Are you kidding? They will fall over him like vultures over dead corps

    yes they will, got to remember this line

  • collegegirl21

    One of the people around here got publically reproved and almost lost his position because they caught him again.

  • Satanus
    Do relationships really crumble when one of the spouses starts watchin porn?

    In the real world, they don't. But, in the pharasaical fantasy-of-denial world of wt corporate families, the spouse of the porn watcher will likely stop all bodily functions and begin to crumble. New light should be replaced by lightening up.


  • theinfamousone

    porn is the devil,... it is gross... it makes me sick... this is the one thing about the witnesses that i agree with... i hate all their doctrines except this one... porn is the reason for divorce... i hate it

    oh well, time for me to go watch some porn...

    the infamous one

  • Dune

    I ALMOST believed you there infamous, shoulda known better.

  • myself

    In the JC they will want to know all of the details of what he was viewing. He mustn't leave anything out.

  • misspeaches

    Infamous you are a banana!!!

    As for the porn issue it is definately frowned upon. I guess your friend needs to consider the implications of dobbing her father in to the body of elders before she takes any action. Especially if she is questioning the religon already. I know some people who were recently disphellowshipped for watching a porn movie many years ago and it only just came out.

    Personally I don't think porn has a harmful effect on relationships. From my experience anyways.

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