"Help! my dad is watching Pornography" Cries of a JW teen.

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  • Mary
    She took it completely upon herself to find out if he was watching porn. She walked in on him one day and he just click off all his windows, so she got suspcious, then she looked through his history and found out what he was looking at.

    Gee, can you say "too much information"? My personal opinion is that it's none of her business if her father's looking at porn---it's between him and his wife. For heaven's sake, is there any guy alive that doesn't look at porn? Perhaps she should have kept her nose out of what doesn't concern her, because now she knows something about her father that I'll be she wishes she didn't know.

  • Satanus

    The wt has it's people essentially keeping an eye on each other, and informing on them, including children on their parents. Taking this a little further, in this situation, how would she feel if she learned that her parents were doing sex that was wt taboo? Would she make that her business, also? 'Course, having grown up as a dub, i understand why she is doing this. I'm not really blaming her. But, she sort of brings this onto herself because of her wt programming. As well, repercussions from her actions will be partly her responsibility.



    I'd tell her to leave it alone, it is between her mom and dad not her business. At the last elders school the WTS made it possible to have a judicial committee for ones who view pornography. They use this scripture:


    Rbi8 Ephesians 4:19 ***


    Having come to be past all moral sense, they gave themselves over to loose conduct to work uncleanness of every sort with greediness.

    So if it can be determined that he was behaving greedily while viewing porn and or tossing off he could be subject to judical action. Further it was stated that if the type of pornography viewed was especially depraved (examples given at our school were child porn, homosexual porn) then he would be working uncleanness with greediness.

    This is the new buzz word now since internet porn has become so accessible and prevalent. Gone are the days where JWs had to sneak to a 5 & 10 or Seven11 to buy or look at playboy, penthouse, hustler, Oui, etc.

  • snarf

    I agree with Candidlynuts, this issue is between a man and his wife. If the wife feels betrayed by his actions of looking at the pornography, then they need to talk about it and look at the issues surrounding it. When I found out my ex was looking at pornography, I wasn't upset by the pornograpy itself, but his actions around it, the hiding it, lying about it.

  • jojochan

    But that

  • jojochan

    But that's GOT to bother her, especially if hs is the self righteous one. I know it would somewhat bother me if I was a hard core dub brotha and hearing my dad spout off at the mouth about the dangers of PrOn and how disgusting it is, then come home from service and find him sprawled out on the couch with a towel and PrOn playing in 5.1 surround sound....I would go blind.

    My brother's friend told me he caught his own dad watching the playboy channel, there he was; trying to watch the images through the interference. To me, they're just men, average horny guys...like us

    But seriously I would go blind.


  • wombat

    We have a TV commercial here in Australia for a denture goo. It begins with an old bloke (my age) chewing an apple without his false teeth falling out. The next scene he is giving a really big pash to his Missus (who looks 20 years younger). And his dentures don't dislodge. Amazing.

    I am sure that every Australian under, maybe, 30 who views this commercial sticks their fingers down their throat and does a pretend vomit. Me too.

    I was going to draw a few conclusions from this observation but it is 1 am here and I don't feel like being dumped on before I go to bed.

  • greendawn

    It is childish to believe that pornography can ruin a marriage except in the prudish JW world where they can argue that even viewing a naked woman in a photo is like committing fornication with her in which case such women will be guilty of thousands of fornication cases.

    Some couples find pornography stimulates them sexually like an aphrodisiac and is therefore desirable.

  • Dismembered

    Well said greendawn


  • Trojan

    The discussion about the moral issues/pros/cons of porn and effects/marriage etc. could be discussed for hours...

    ....my point is in this case:

    a) Don't get the elders involved - many of you have stated correctly: it is a bigger problem in the little twisted JW world - the issue itself will be pushed to the back, the poor fellow AND his wife AND his daughter will soon feel the heat of the hell fire that this BOE has....politics come into play (will they cut the guy off, is it a good political move, all kinds of nasty things that have nothing to do with the original issue). All of that under the banner of: "He-needs-help-where-gona-help-him"

    b) He is a independent, free moral agent. He has HIS own free will and mind. Let HIM work this one out. Let me tell you, THIS might be the trigger for him to leave the BS he is in. It is excellent to hear that he is so stiff and demanding, but is giving in to his own "weaknesses". THAT IS WORTH GOLD alone. Man, look at the situation we have here. I know elders, ms that are so self-rightness and harsh on others...but once they look into the mirror of reality, they discover that THEY aren't better/worser than others. THIS could be the BIGGEST lesson in this guys life! He is RIGHT now learning more about humans, human behaviour, needs, emotions than he will ever by reading a WT or Awake magazine.

    If it disgusts him, he will stop. But if you stop the process "artificially" by some elders hammering down on him, AND PLEASE REMIND HER: on his family, too (meetings with him, meetings with him&wife, interrogation of daughter, calling in of daughter against father if he denies, .....unpleasant to say the least!)

    Tell her that her father is exercising his free will (maybe for the first time in his life!). He is braking the bonds with the WTBT$ - willingly or not - but he is....for many that is the initial process to loose the tight control. ...They forbid this a hundred times and he is braking the rules....good for him!

    ......and if he gets some pleasure in the process....hey, that ain't too bad either.....

    Tell her not to worry. We are humans. Sexuality is part of humanity. Sexuality is all over the Bible, Salomon was having a good time with his 700 wifes...Song of Solomon talks about some dripping liquid under the lover....

    And YES, why not face it: naked boobs have some chemical effects on a guys mind....it is built in.


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