Did U Know A Lot Of "Cuckoo" JWs???

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  • heathen

    I'd say you could round up most of the local looneys at the kingdom halls . Most I've known were nuts .

  • minimus

    Nuts and ballsy too. Many crazy arrogant Pharisees.

  • mkr32208

    Yeah I know a few;


    Actually every hall I've ever been to has had at least 2 or 3 CERITFIED loonies! (I've been to a lot of halls too!) Plus dozens that were on the fence as it were... I agree with minamos that any day there will be a plague of them trying to jump start armageddon. Of course then when they ARE finally actually identified as being a dangerous group and the government starts trying to shut them down that will be playing right into their prophecy! Of course no OTHER religions of babylon the great will have fallen but WTF it's closer than any OTHER prophecy they've ever made right? The GB will be nutting themselves to think how close to right they almost were!

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  • M.J.

    interesting how the consensus (even privately among JWs) is that the "super dubs" (the ones that are totally untempered in their abidance and adoption of WTS "reality") were the most "cuckoo" of them all.

    That's true in my observation as well.

    I read a pretty interesting related quote from Alan Segal, a professor of Jewish studies at Columbia University: “Doubts complete faith and keep it from becoming fanaticism.”

  • anewme

    Wow! That conversation was VERY THERAPEUTIC!!!
    Im here alone laughing my guts out like I havent for years!!
    Tears of laughter are streaming down my face as I remember so much dumb fun and mischief and mishaps over the 35 year association!!!!!

    Wow. Ok here's one.

    When I was 21 there was a problem at our hall. During the public talk there would mysteriously appear on the bathroom ceiling above the lady's stalls um, er, doo doo.....lots of it......on Sundays only.

    This was an old hall with a very tall ceiling and so it was especially challenging to deal with because one had to use a ladder to dislodge the uh er uh you know. A brother would be assigned to clean it off while in his good meeting clothes before the next congregation arrived to use the hall.

    Another sister and I were asked to be part of a "poop patrol" to catch the mischief maker on Sundays.

    Sunday after Sunday went by with she and I alternating poop patrol shifts.

    We finally caught the little perv.

  • Virgochik

    I also remember Brother W. in his early 30's. He was schizophrenic and still living home with his elderly mother. One time he went off his meds and stabbed his mom, minor wounds. They disfellowshipped him! He was mentally ill and off his medication, that was the reason for what he did, but his behavior was treated as a sin instead of chronic mental illness. He got back on his regimen, became meek and mild again, but still had to be treated as a disfellowshipped one. I don't think he ever really comphrehended what was going on with people ignoring him.

  • candidlynuts

    we had an elderly woman who would call people at the door " goats" if they didnt take the mags..

  • minimus

    In the bathroom, there was a finger painting by the toilet that said sh*t and f*ck. The elders found rhe perpertrator, a young boy from the Spanish congregation that was not very happy being forced "to go" (to the meetings).

  • greendawn

    No there were no nutters, there was one who did say things that appeared goofy but on closer examinations I realised that what he was saying was not literally meant but had instead some interesting figurative meanings eg when he was saying "I am going to get those foxes out of their hole" he meant that he was going to draw out the GB members to make them reveal their real intentions because I heard him another time calling the GB "those foxes in Brooklyn". He was in his 70's and of the annointed since the 1930's and he wrote several letters of complaint to them for marginalising all the other annointed.

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