Did U Know A Lot Of "Cuckoo" JWs???

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  • minimus

    I knew a number of Witnesses with "demon problems" that simply were mentally ill.

  • Finally-Free
    Before and after the meetings, he would come and stand in front of you, with is hands together staring, smiling so big, you could see all the teeth in his mouth, but wouldn't say a word, just stared, drove me nuts. I used to hide from him.

    I used to do that sometimes - usually after eating souvlaki with lots of tzatziki on it. I'd make it a point to exhale heavily on my victim, usually an elder. The meetings were boring, and I was prepared to go to any extreme to entertain myself.


  • Chimene
    ya know, Jehovah don't like those fag fellas".

    you poor thing! LOLOLOLOLOL ROFLAO!!!

  • gumby

    Minimus, ...your right. Most of the demon problems came from goofballs.......or at least half goofy ones.


    We actually had favorite territories because we would find the outcasts of society among them and of course, they would cling to anyone who showed them "compassion" and offered them a wonderful sounding pipe dream. Plus, they were typically not educated so didn't have the critical thinking skills necessary to assess motive, etc.

    Well put! What was sad, was when these goofy ones became baptised, the kindness of other witnesses diminished greatly. Your treated like a king when your studying...but once your dunked, your teacher/friend(s) is off looking for another goofy one so as to put another notch on their gun.

    The thing I always found odd is......how is it normal people with a good education can also buy into their sales pitch? That's a whole nuther subject Minimus will have to start.


  • minimus

    Gumby, I wonder how soooooooooooooo many "intelligent" persons get taken in. I don't get it!

  • Dismembered

    Years ago different ones, ( me included) were assigned by an elder (He put a schedule on the info board)to go to a mental institution 15 miles out of the way of the Kingdom Hall to pic up this woman that was nuttier than a fruitcake. She'd overdosed years ago and was confined, ultimately, to the State Mental Hospital. But she wanted to go to the KH so we had to do our "god-given" duty and take turns picking her up & returning her. She'd sing "kingdom songs" all the way home.

    One time we had a Bethel Speaker giving a talk, all of a sudden, in the middle of this guys talk, this nutcase gets up, knocks on the ladies room door and says, (this loud enough for everyone including the speaker to hear) Knock Knock, "Hey what the hell is going on in there". The Speaker stopped talking dead in his tracks for what seemed like an eternity, until a parade of elders all but gagged her, and took her outside to a car.

    Does that qualify as "cuckoo"?


  • minimus

    Soon as I saw that she sang kingdumb songs all the way back home---I knew she was a looney.

  • Dismembered

    Plus she was uglier than the Ace of Spades


  • minimus

    Then she deserved to be put away.

  • ferret

    Yes. there were many with emotional problems. Some sisters even married illiterate men and former drug users who's minds were fried and had retarded kids with them. There were lots of wackos.

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