My dog ate rat poison today

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  • Purza

    Yes, it has been one of those days. Not only did I see a car full of JWs at Home Depot running out and targeting unsuspecting victims before they walked in the store, but when I reached my destination (our rental property) there were two JWs at the door. The two at the door only said hello to me and my husband and it probably had something to do with our dog growling at them. Perhaps it was a sign that my day was about to get worse.

    Anyway, so we have this rental cottage that is vacant and we have done some major repair work in order to rent it out. My husband had to tear part of the floor out because it was sagging (long story). He forgot he put rat poison out in the event those critters came up through the floor.

    So when I saw that Rusty was "eating somthing", I thought it was something left by the past tenants (as this dog will eat anything -- even dog sh*t). When I went inside and saw him eating something else I took a closer look and it was rat poison. I immediately ran out (with the dog) to my husband to frantically tell him what the dog had ingested. We took off in a hurry to look for the closest vet (as we weren't in our home town). My husband forgot he had left the rat poison out -- we felt terrible!

    I found a vet who gave Rusty some hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit and then some charcol to soak up whatever was left over (and they kept him for a few hours). The vet also gave him a shot of Vitamin K and sent me home with Vitamin K pills that Rusty has to take for the next six weeks.

    Thanks for letting me share the "horror" of my day with you all. I have attached a picture of Rusty and am glad to report that he will make it through.



    Purza...I'm so glad that you got him to a vet quickly!!! He should be o.k. What a day! He is a beautiful dog!


  • Purza

    Thanks SWalker. The vet told me that most people don't see their dogs eat the poison and don't realize it for a few days (when the internal bleeding starts). I guess we were lucky, and I use that term loosely, that we saw him eating it otherwise we would have had no clue what was wrong with him.


  • Highlander

    beautiful dog.

  • caligirl

    Hey Purza, I'm so sorry that happened, and so glad that he will be ok!

  • MsMcDucket

    Purza, good going on your part. Even though you were in a panic, you reacted appropriately. It was a good day! You saved your dog's life!

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Man! That must have been really scary. How's your dog doing now?

  • dvw

    your dog will be ok. vitamin k is the real deal when administered pronto. rat poion thins blood. it turns rats {and dogs) into instant hemophiliacs. my dog, buster, had it so bad one time, when the vet gave the shot the blood ran out of the injection site like a fire hydrant. if your dogs tongue turns pale ( not pink ) your best chance is to run home, invent a time machine, and go back to the vet like yesterday. im glad your dog is ok.

  • Gretchen956

    Thank goodness you acted quickly and your dog will be okay. He's the same color as my Molly! Beautiful dog. I bet your heart was racing there for awhile.


  • Robdar

    Good Lord! What a day you've had! I am so glad that Rusty will be okay.


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