JW animated Armageddon and New World movies!

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  • rebel8

    I submitted this to fark.com yesterday but they didn't post it. Someone else try please......the link to submit is


  • Scully


    If I have to read about his obsession with dance one more time....

    Then I realised, there's only one word to describe James.


    LMAO! I was thinking exactly the same thing... especially that line about wanting a "sister who loves Jehovah more than she loves me". Can you tell that there ain't gonna be anything happening in that bedroom?

  • Clam

    John Doe thanks for that link. The poetry's emetic qualities could be quite useful on ocassions.

  • jstalin

    That lady and her kid both survive armageddon. I thought the unbaptised weren't going ot survive.

  • BluesBrother

    This is as unofficial as as if a committed Democrat made a video that parodied G Bush, - it should not be confused with anything official from the Borg. I daresay the WTS would frown on his/her activities.

    However , why do people think that way? Because they are taught to do so by the WTS . The imagery is less gory than the stuff that is published by the WTS . And to answer somebody who questioned it, Yes, that is exactly the way that 6 million Witnesses do see the events happening, "very soon now"

    I hope they enjoyed todays WT study that said "Those who stubbornly refuse to turn back from their bad ways face execution at the hand of Jehovah"

    What are the "bad ways" that warrant execucution? Not only sins against others, but a simple non belief in their religion - that is a sin worthy of slaughter, by the "loving God""

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