JW animated Armageddon and New World movies!

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  • TopHat

    I saw her photo. Is that "Prince" in disguise?

  • LDH

    LOL, check out this guestbook signature:

    altTamar Fisher
    Internet Explorer
    Country/City/State: USA - Indiana
    How Did You Find Me?: Yahoo Search
    What You Appreciate About Jehovah: How patient He is to put up with all of the badness going on in the world.
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    altTamar @MyArbonne.com

    May Jehoober Bless Arbonne!

  • Leolaia

    Did anyone notice that the Armageddon video even included the silly motif of a guy getting out his gun during the fireball downpour? (as seen in various Watchtower illustrations, I guess to shoot God or whatever LOL)

  • pisces

    Did anyone sign the guestbook? I did, I basically told her that I would rather let my children watch "The Sopranos" than those cartoons. Anyway it says the entry will be reviewed by the administrator, so I doubt my message will ever show.

  • Dismembered

    Fairy Tales on video


  • Scully

    OMG. Those are STILL AROUND?


    A couple of observations...I think the 2nd one is the sickest, where the guy loses his mom?...and the guy actually resembles an ugly version of Russell Crowe...and speaking of UGLY...that Paradise is gonna be populated with some damn ugleeeee people. Me thinks we were too pretty to be dubbies.


  • carla

    How disturbing! and my sound didn't even work. Glad I missed any kh melodies at any rate.

  • flyphisher

    No normally thinking human being would ever take such a sort of "armageddon" seriously. Nobody.

    This is a caricature.

  • DanTheMan

    You know, the first video kinda hit on a sensitive area for me. You see, as a youth I was traumatized by a local homeless man who went around smoking cigarettes and writing meaningless graffiti with red lipstick. And so when I studied with JW's and learned about the New Shiztem, and how bad people like the homeless man from my childhood would be "destroyed" at Armageddon, it was the first time I felt real relief from the tormenting memories. And now I know it was all a big lie, that there will always be cigarette smoking lipstick-graffiti writers, and I still haven't gotten over it.

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