JW animated Armageddon and New World movies!

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  • Scully

    I remember the first time I saw those sick-and-twisted videos. It was here: Sickest XJW Video I Have Ever Seen

    The brains person behind these videos is known in JW circles as "Irish Dancin' James" (real name: James Stevens). Google him and don't forget to congratulate him on ensuring that millions of people have vowed to never go back to (or become JWs) because of his handiwork.

  • KW13

    Didn't you all read? Its coming soon!

  • mrsjones5

    Utter Crap!

  • Scully

    Here's a link to James' profile on JW-connect:


    (probably better to C&P the URL into your browser so your search doesn't link back to JWD!)

    Here's how he advertises himself:

    James Stevens I000162
    Caucasian , 24 , Single West Midlands , Dudley , United Kingdom

    Personal Details

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    Last activity: More Than 1 Week

    Age:24 (1-July-1981)
    Marital Status:Single
    Serving As:Baptized Publisher
    Drinking:Non drinker
    Food:Ask me later
    Languages:English (Fluent)
    Mandarin (Minimal)
    Interests:Theatre / Ballet
    Movies / Cinema
    Computers / Internet
    Eye Colour:Blue
    Hair Colour:Light brown
    Body Type:Average
    Height:6'1" (185cm) and above

    About Me
    I am a quiet brother, but once you get to know me I soon
    come out of myself and have a bit of a crazy sense of humor!
    I love Irish music, traditional and contemporary. I
    adore Irish dancing, I have taught myself to do this and
    love performing for congregation get-together's! I also love
    descriptive writing, drawing, animation, web design ...
    anything creative really! I also play the keyboard and
    occasionally compose my own music. I love going to the
    theatre, particularly to see dance shows, I cant get enough
    of em! On the spiritual side of things, I am a baptized
    publisher, but I must admit I find the ministry quite a
    challenge, and I am continually working on improving my
    ministry work, however, I feel my best strengths are within
    the congregation, I love giving talks and reading at the
    book study, I do my best to make it lively and interesting,
    and really put meaning into my words. I love animals
    (especially dogs, but am currently dog-less.. *sniff* )and
    appreciate beauty in nature, people and the arts.
    My friends would describe me as...
    Crazy sense of humor (I was raised on 1950s radio comedies
    like The Goons !) and witty. Caring and good with kids

    Looking for
    First and foremost, I am looking for a sister who loves
    Jehovah more than she could ever love me. That is the most
    important thing in the world to me. Aside from that -
    someone with a warm, friendly personality, a good sense of
    humor. A love of theatre and dance would be great.
    Preferably a creative person, not over-outgoing but not too
    shy. Someone to walk along beaches with and watch the sun
    set. If she was absolutely perfect, she would be irish,
    because I adore irish people! They are so warm, friendly,
    loving and witty! But hey, if you have those qualities then
    you sound great to me! I also would like to hear from
    other brothers and sisters who are interested in Irish
    dancing. I would love to put together an irish dance piece
    for a congregation party, but I need bros+sis's in the
    Midlands area who are interested in dance. I could teach you
    everything I know! :) Anything else you wanna know,
    gimme an email!
    Age From:18
    Age To:24
  • LDH

    If I have to read about his obsession with dance one more time....

    Then I realised, there's only one word to describe James.


  • KW13

    lets hope no one near James is called Jehovah!

  • loosie

    When I google James Stevens I get this guy.... http://www.jamesstevensmusic.com/

  • stillAwitness

    What a horrid video! But hey, when I tried to see the other one by James it does not come up..blast Dial Up!

    But anyways, it sounds like James is my kind of guy: I am looking for a sister who loves

    Jehovah more than she could ever love me.
    Finally! A man who is into swinging!

  • Finally-Free

    The JWs really don't get it, do they? As long as they are so filled with hate so as to desire such destruction, no place would be a "paradise" if they were in it.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I can't stop laughing. Check out the "poem" on her "inspirational poems" page. ;-)


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