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  • Terry
    I am not struck by the weirdness of online dating anymore, but there are a few key concepts to understand about how they operate and how to make the most of them if you wish me to enlarge on it.

    I am suddenly struck by the proliferation of "what's available".

    Most scare the hell out of me!

    Nothing wrong with them...just so many of my personal "turn-offs" at work.

    Geeze, I'm a particular s.o.b.

    But, it reallys saves tons of time just looking at the widdle photos!

    It can be as superficial as that.

    But, when it is a very nice photo and you read how they like travel to exotic places and white-water rafting----well! That eliminates them for me right off!!

    Heh heh heh.


  • Terry
    You likely wont need to look for them, they'll be able to find you, and quickly. You'll be emitting signals, and they'll immediately be able to hone in on it, like a Patriot Missile. You'll find you'll do just fine. Wish you well, and congratulations on your new life.

    Hey, Prophecor---really appreciate those words, man. Much thanks!


  • Terry
    Being an older person, as you may already know limits your field of choice but don’t become discouraged

    Oh boy--tell me about it.

    Here is my problem. I am like an 18 year old in my vitality, personality and energy level. I don't look my age at all. People faint when I tell them my age.

    But, I don't want to date much younger women for two reasons.

    1.It is tacky and unrealistic

    2.My values are related to my tastes which were formed by my experiences out of the ERA in which I grew up.

    I need somebody who is anchored in space and time with me culturally or we have nothing much else in common.

    But, when I look at photos of women my age they seem to be....umm....ummm........

    Am I being a turd? Well, maybe-but, I'm not attracted to somebody's grandma if they LOOK like somebody's grandma. Just call me shallow!

  • Terry
    How about take(or teach?) a class at a local college on critical thinking, philosophy, or something similar. You might meet others who share your interests and are wanting to learn more

    I'd love that. But, nobody hires crackpots (self-educated) to teach a hapless population! I'm more the Jim Jones kinda guy when you scan my references

  • Terry
    And surely there are some single apostababes here in Texas who'd be interested in you. I think there's an apostafest planned for May, you might check that out, if you are willing to deal with someone's exJW baggage.

    I wish you the best.

    I signed on with

    There are plenty of available candidates.

    You are VERY RIGHT about ex-JW's being the best candidates. How else would you be able to explain to another human being how you were once in a cult???

    Telling the truth to inquisitive "spiritual" women and NOT mentioning my cult related history isn't a workable solution.

    I'd be very comfortable with somebody who went down the same path. But, heck---I'm just being picky again.

  • funkyderek

    Terry, try this site. Ideal for you, methinks.

  • Terry
    Terry, try this site. Ideal for you, methinks

    You know what---I thought so too. But, my fellow Ayn Rand enthusiasts have no sense of humor whatsoever! They are bland and mean-spirited. I'm painting with a broad brush, right?


    I have yet to find a single Randian who has a personality that doesn't grate like fingernails on the chalkboard.

    I subscribe to the site's daily essays on world events, but, not much else.

    I attended a Philosopher's Forum debate between an Ayn Rand institute fellow and a theologian. I was smacking my lips and eager for a slaughter.

    As it turned out, the theologian came off as witty, intellectual, reasonable and open-minded and the Randian was mean-spirited and narrow.

    Go figure.

  • wednesday
    Music says alot.

    It is a way of bringing together like-minded souls and of dividing out the no-no's!

    Music tastes are very personal! I think you can tell alot about people (even intellectually) by what corresponds to their emotional needs musically.

    But, then--I'm a crackpot; what do I know?

    Something tells me you do not watch "American Idol". My favorite is Chris Daughtry . He is on fire.. I love that sort of music, hard, raw, loud, and rock and roll. I spent my youth searching for the word's to Louie Louie, and to my surprise, had the words. Oh and really one of my favorites of Bob Seger is "Fire Down Below"

    Brenda, I hope I get to meet you. You sound like a hoot. yes, normal can be found on various machines as a setting. lol

    One singer I love a lot is Meat Loaf (Michael Aday ) I met him in person at a concert, he has the most amazing voice. It is called Rock Opera . He does the same sort of music Queen did, remember Bohemian Rhapsody? here's a link tp://

    I was also going to suggest eharmony .com . Just b/c they seem like nice normal people and the couples they "show" look like regular people, not Paris Hilton.

    All kidding aside, most of us probably do know what you mean by "normal" ,but it really is subjective.


    "...for the good of believing in life after birh..." Jim Steinman

  • mkr32208

    I always manage to meet girls at barnes and knobles...

  • mkr32208
    I have yet to find a single Randian who has a personality that doesn't grate like fingernails on the chalkboard.

    Well, I mean come on! It IS Ann Rand!

    Who is John Galt, my ass!

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